Best Selena Makeup Tutorials

Hey, all. I figured that since the Mac Selena collection recently launched that I should share with you my favorite Selena-inspired makeup/hair looks on YouTube. I feel like these videos really captured her essence & look best.



Curly Haired? You MUST Follow These Beauty Gurus

Hey, dolls! As predicted, I’m OBSESSED with getting my natural curls back. Slowly but surely it’s working with the help of research and trial and error. By research, I mean stalking the curly haired ladies of YouTube. Now, my curl pattern is 3B so most of the girls I follow have a similar, if not the same curl pattern as me. However, I do have a sprinkle of women I follow with different curl types than mine. So, let me share with you my fave channels to watch during my natural curly hair journey.


(via pinterest)

  • Lipstick n Curls If I had to name one curly haired guru that I’m obsessed with, it would hands down be Jade Kendle. Her curl volume and definition is TO DIE FOR. Her channel is super inspiring, informative, and her personality is just plain amazing!



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  • SunKissAlba has been in the YouTube word for a while now so I’m sure most of you have come across her channel at some point. She’s all about all natural and all organic products. Whether it’s her food or beauty products, she defines the word ORGANIC haha. Her curl definition is insane and she knows how to do so many different styles using strictly curls. She hasn’t been straight haired for about 4 years. Talk about dedication!




  • RisasRizos is a super informative channel on how to revitalize and nourish your curls back to health and KEEP THEM THAT WAY. Rocio experienced her own journey of losing her curls and now she’s living life curly and free. If your hair is curly yet fine, definitely check her out.




  • Jasmine Brown If you hair is thick AF, follow this beauty! She has so many hair tips and tutorials with a sprinkle of makeup and lifestyle.



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  • Hey Fran Hey is a great channel for not only hair health, but also overall wellness. Frankcheska covers everything like DIY, skincare, nutrition, fitness, etc. Her big hair is just plain gorgeous and bold and she has great tips on how to keep it in top shape.




  • Curly Penny is a great channel for all curly haired ladies, but especially for those who have more of 3A or even type 2 curls. She has great tips for keeping hair healthy and growing it out. Not to mention. she’s pretty funny haha.




  • Naptural85 is a great channel if you’re looking to get straight to the point when it comes to natural hair. She is all hair and she has so many different tips, styles, and tricks for ya.




  • Much More Than Beauty was the first channel I looked at when it came to naturally curly hair. Estefani has some long, gorgeous, curly, full locks on her head. She gives me some serious hair envy. Her channel is mostly hair focused but there is a bit of makeup and lifestyle in the mix too.




  • Bianca Renee Today is a quirky and fun curly haired guru. I love her personality and her style. Her channel covers mostly hair but there is definitely a mix of makeup, lifestyle, and fashion in there.



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  • Sayria Jade It’s pretty clear to see that I’m a fan of voluminous, thick, curly hair haha! Sayria is just adorable and super down to earth. Her videos are super informative and helpful. She’s only been vlogging for 8 months, but she’s doing amazing.









Nicole Nails x NailHur


Hey, dolls! I finally picked up some of Nicole Guerriero’s nails from NailHur!

I figured I’d buy these babies for 3 reasons:

  1. I love Nicole Guerriero ♥
  2. No judgement, but acrylics are bad for you.
  3. I HATE waiting at the nail salon!

The nails come in 7 different styles. I ended buying my favorite top 3 designs, which are (from left to right) Flawless, Naturally Nicole, and Queen Bee. I tried on the Flawless set and I think they’re gorgeous!


Each set includes 24 nails, nail glue, and a nail file. They’re super easy to apply! I basically just aside the 10 nails that fit me and filed the ones that didn’t fit perfectly. Then, I just glued them on. It took me about 15 mins to apply them max, including the filing and fitting. They’ll last for about 2 weeks, as long as you don’t do anything crazy with them on. As someone who needs to have a flawless appearance at work, these nails are perfect. These are also perfect for people who can’t wear long nails full time. All you need to do is pop em off after soaking them in warm water. NO ACETONE NEEDED. Plus, they’re reusable!

NailHur has plenty of nail options. They have stiletto, oval, squaletto, and square nails – long and short. They also have plenty of coupons available. I definitely plan to buy more styles!


Last Minute Halloween Looks

 Hey, people! Halloween is literally just around the corner and I’m sure plenty of you haven’t decided what the hell you’re gonna do or even if you’re gonna be doing anything, for that matter. Luckily, I have a few, super easy, last minute Halloween looks to share with you! For these, you won’t necessarily need a costume unless you want to go all out. So, let’s get started!

Runaway Bride (via

This look is super easy. All you need is simple bridal makeup, a white outfit, sneakers, and a veil or bouquet. There are tons of bridal makeup looks on Youtube and I’m sure everyone has a pair of sneakers at home. A white outfit and veil/bouquet shouldn’t be hard to find, either. It’s not like you’re going to a real wedding! You can wear sweats and a veil to make it really look casual, too haha. Like a bride running away, before she even gets in her dress.

80’s girl (via

For this look, just think bright, colorful, and bold. Tease that hair like a mofo. Use all the bright, colorful colors in your makeup collection. Layer on the accessories and wear a bright outfit. Leggings, legwarmers, slouchy tops, and spandex are all great options!

Skeleton (via Pinterest)

For this look, the costume is irrelevant. Wearing all black will suffice. The makeup takes over this look. All you need is white, gray, and black face paint and a few makeup brushes for detail work. The makeup process will take a little bit of time but nothing insane!

Cat (via Pinterest)

A costume for this is optional. This look would be fine with just the makeup and cat ears. For costume options, you can wear all black and buy a tail or just wear a leotard.

Wednesday Addams (via Pinterest)

For this look, the costume is a bit more important but you don’t need to follow it to the T. I would suggest a collared shirt with a black dress over it or a black dress alone will suffice. You definitely need to do Wednesday’s signature braids. You will also need to make that face super pale and the eyes a bit sunken. Check out some makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Doll (via Pinterest)

This makeup look is pretty easy. To make it more realistic, there are a few tutorials on Youtube to make yourself look like a cracked doll. For the outfit, I’d just wear a dainty dress.

Vampire (via Pinterest)

A vampire look may seem like it needs more effort, but all you NEED is dark makeup and fangs. Blood is optional because once you have fangs, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend Carli Bybel’s and Desi Perkins’s vampire makeup tutorials on Youtube. Also, with all these modern day vampire tv shows, the outfit is irrelevant. You can feel free to wear regular clothes haha. It’s all about the makeup here.

Zombie (via Pinterest)

For the outfit, just wear ripped, dirty clothes. The makeup look is fairly simple. However, if you want to add wounds you’re gonna need fake blood and oatmeal or tissue paper. Check out some tutorials on Youtube.


MUA Spotlight On: Bree Lopez

Happy Friday! First, let me just say how proud of myself I am for being so consistent with this series! I’m glad you guys enjoy MUA Spotlight as much I as I enjoy doing them.

Without further adieu, let me introduce to you to the talented Bree. Bree is 24 years old and was born and raised in Riverside, California, She is the mommy of 2 beautiful little girls and a Sephora makeup artist! Bree has been obsessed with makeup ever since before she could remember. Her artistry goes way back. She always wanted to be an artist when she was a little girl. She would sit and draw for hours. Then when she got older, she expressed her love for art with makeup! When she was in 7th grade, she would come home from school, take a shower, wash off all her makeup and sit and do her makeup for hours in her room, experimenting and practicing. She would do all of her friends’ makeup for dances and parties in high school. It was a lot of fun for her. It wasn’t until about 3 years ago that she realized how much she loves makeup and actually pursued it. She’s done makeup for a lot of proms and weddings and now she’s been a Sephora makeup artist for almost a year now. Bree loves getting lost in a makeup look and she LOVES seeing people be so pleased with her work. To her, it’s the best seeing people love the way she did their makeup. She’s not just stopping at Sephora though! She plans on making a YouTube channel and sharing and teaching everything she knows with everyone around the world!


What is your favorite high-end brand?

My Favorite high-end brand would have to be NARS, I use the sheer glow foundation and it’s amazing!!

What are 3 makeup items you couldn’t possibly live without?

I definitely could not live without mascara, concealer (for them dark circles yo), and chapstick!

What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

My favorite drugstore makeup brand would be Sonia Kashuk – I LOVE her lip liners and makeup brushes. Also, NYX and Rimmel London. ♥

What type of beauty product do you buy the most of (mascaras, concealers, lipsticks etc)?

I for sure buy lips stains and lipstick the most!

What is the most common makeup faux pas that you see?

Overdone brows… Brows really change the look of a face and when people over do them they just change someone’s look.

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

I definitely budget. Cosmetics are expensive and a lot of people don’t realize how long products last either! But, if I want something I always purchase!

What’s your favorite lipstick?

I love ALL Kat Von D liquid lipsticks, my most favorite is Lolita at the moment!! I’m really into that 1990’s brown lip. ♥

Describe your everyday makeup look.

My everyday makeup look is of course, a full face, with a neutral eye and maybe falsies, with a nude or brown lip. That’s my everyday look right at the moment, but I love to play around and change up my looks. Working at Sephora, I definitely have variety!

What’s your favorite mascara?

Buxom lash mascara and Revlon voluminous (best $5 bucks I’ve ever spent).

Is there any celebrity that you get your makeup inspiration from & why that celebrity?

Even though I hate her guts, Kim Kardashian.. Haha her makeup is never overdone and it’s just perfection!

Do you have some favorite beauty gurus? If so, who?

Yes I LOVE Charismastar  she is so sweet I met her at Disneyland once. She was so kind and down to earth. Also, Sonjdradeluxe and Tymetheinfamous. Those are my BAES.

If you could leave the house with only ONE makeup product, which would it be?

Mascara, hands down. Eyes are the first thing someone looks at on your face.

Are there any brands that you try to avoid?

Not really, I haven’t had any bad experiences with any brands honestly.

Do you usually “haul” or buy items here & there?

I just pick up items here and there unless I have run out of everything I use everyday.

What’s your favorite skincare brand?

I don’t have one YET. I’ve been dealing with acne for the past year so I’m always trying new things. Murad works really well if you have acne!

What is one beauty tool/brush that you’d recommend to anyone?

Honestly, a Beauty Blender. I was skeptical about them until I tried them on myself and clients and they really work! Excellent for beginners.

What is one beauty product that you’d recommend to ANYONE & why?

Cover fx matte primer. If you want a flawless foundation you NEED this stuff, it keeps my makeup from creasing all day and dries up all the oil – it’s amazing. It also has an acne treatment in it!! Best stuff ever.

If you had to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Mmmmmm, probably highlighters. I’m about that #mattelife Hahahaha!

What is your absolute pet peeve when it comes to other people’s makeup?

Enormous, overdone eyebrows and unblended eyeshadow… Blend blend blend!!!

Share a beauty tip/trick/hack.. whatever you’d like to call it. Lol

Always wear sunscreen if you want to stay looking youthful. If you’re new to liquid lipsticks, never blot the product on your lips. Apply to each lip separately and let them dry. Blotting will only make the liquid lip stick blotchy. Powder contour kits are always better for beginners annnnnd that’s all the tricks I have on top of my head right now hahaha.

What’s the best way for future clients to reach you?

For future clients to reach me either you can visit my Instagram page at @Breerouge or email me ♥

Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey, all! With Halloween around the corner, I think it’s about time that I spoke about some fun and creepy Halloween makeup looks! Almost all of these would need a costume to complete the look and some of them need special effects makeup (SFX). For SFX makeup, I highly recommend purchasing from Mehron. That got the juice when it comes to costume makeup. For those of you who don’t like to go all out and like to keep your looks simple and easy, don’t fret! I will have another post talking about “last minute” Halloween makeup/outfit ideas. However, this post is for those of you Halloween stans who like to plan ahead! So let’s get on to these looks…

Bride of Frankenstein (via Pinterest)

Desi Perkins slayed with this Bride of Frankenstein makeup look! I used her tutorial to learn how to do my fake stitches in the photo above. This is a perfect look for those of you who want to serve creepy but glam at the same time.

Little Red “Rotting” Hood (via Pinterest)

To me, Nicole Guerriero is the QUEEN of Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube. She literally goes all out! I wanted to do this look last year, but since I didn’t have any plans I ended up not doing it. She actually uses some Mehron products in this look.

Zombie Cleopatra (via Pinterest)

Amanda Ensing did a pretty damn good job with her zombie Cleopatra! One of the good things about this look is that she did the wound without using SFX. She used adhesive and tissue paper.

Evil Killer Clown (via Pinterest)

This look is just plain creepy, but dope at the same time. I personally would pair this with a carnival-like outfit and a bloody, FAKE knife.

Evil Queen of the Tribe (via Pinterest)

I probably should’ve mentioned that Nicole Guerriero was going to be featured a few times in this post haha. Sorry, not sorry. I can’t help it if she nails so many Halloween looks! Plus, this look is so unique. You wouldn’t think of this look off the top of your head. If you don’t want the evil version, she also does a good version in the same video.

Pop Art (via Pinterest)

Although Pop Art makeup is tedious to do, it looks amazing! I’m a fan of anything fun and retro.

Ice Queen (via youtube)

This look is just whimsical glam and I simply love it. Not everyone likes to be super creepy and I totally get it 🙂

Galaxy Chic

This is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen on Youtube, makeup wise. Now, this wasn’t meant to be a Halloween look. Nicole did it just because she was feeling alien-like haha. Either way, this would probably be one of the boldest and  most creative looks for Halloween. I would wear this with a silver jumpsuit or something galaxy like.

Demon (via Pinterest)

When I think demon, I think of the demons on Supernatural. Those big black pupils just define “demon” in my eyes. I think this look is great on its own or with a costume.

Zombie Flapper (via Pinterest)

This is another look Desi Perkins executed flawlessly! I plan to be a zombie flapper this Halloween, but just a bit more toned down.

I hope this post gave you guys some inspiration! xx


Carli Bybel Palette: Swatches & Review

Hey, loves! As I’m sure all of you know that Carli Bybel partnered with BH Cosmetics to create her own palette. It was launched September 8th at around 2:45 am EST time. It was literally insane! People were in a riot on social media complaining that they couldn’t buy the palette. The first 2 batches were sold out in less than a day! I, however, wasn’t one of those unfortunate people. I was in and out of BH Cosmetics’ website like an assassin 😉 My palette finally arrived on Tuesday and I would love to share with you the godly goodness!

Here is what it looks like on the inside. It has 10 gorgeous eyeshadow shades and 4 godly looking highlighter shades. BH Cosmetics has great quality palettes so getting swatches are super easy. The eyeshadows and highlighters are super pigmented and creamy! Enough of my ranting and raving, I know you’re dying to see the swatches so let’s go…

(first row of shadows)

The first row has mostly matte shades. The only shimmer one is the second from the left as you can see. You got a pearl, matte white, a sparkly, pearl, a muted pink with plum undertones, a muted lavender, and a dark plum.

(second row of shadows)

The next row of shadows are more metallic and as we all know metallics are in this season :D! We got a pearly, metallic color with slight peach gold undertones, a metallic, champagne color, a shimmery, deep bronze, a metallic copper, and a matte grayish brown color.

Now, moving on to the gorgeous highlighters that everyone has been talking about! These highlighter colors are similar to the eyeshadows in the palette. We got a pink champagne, a champagne color with beige undertones, a straight up gold, and a copper bronze.

Needless to say, these colors are gorgeous and the palette is perfect for fall! The best thing about it is that it’s only $12.50! Yes, all this goodness for $12.50! So make sure to get on the order list, because as you can see this palette is hella popular!

Thanks, Carli ❤