Graduation Fashion

Hello lovely people! Lately I’ve been posting about fashion but only about celebrity fashion and designer gowns. It’s time for a change! I’m going to write about something that’s going to help YOU out … Graduation Fashion. I know I’m writing this post a little late for college students, since most college students graduate in early or mid may. However, this post would be beneficial to high school students! I know for a fact most high school students, especially in the tri-state area, don’t graduate until June. So with that, all you senior girls should read this! Especially if you have no clue as to what the hell you’re going to wear for graduation 🙂

So, we all the know the traditional color for graduation is white. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps because it’s summer and white is bright and lovely looking. But, I’m not only going to show you white dresses. I wore a black and white dress for my senior graduation. My friends wore pink, red, blue, yellow, etc .. so you can wear whatever color. You can break from the mold. If you love it, wear it! Keep in mind, you wanna look classy not trashy. You want to look beautiful but not overdone … you’re not going to the Grammy’s. Graduations are semi-formal events. Now, let’s see some dresses, shall we?

Fire Lace Skater Dress from Nordstrom, $54

Dee Elle Cross Back Skater Dress from Nordstrom, $50

En Creme Cap Sleeve Corkscrew Dress from Nordstrom, $78

Lulu’s Renaissance Court Lace Ivory Dress, $39

Hot Off The Precious White Dress at Lulu’s, $39

Lulu’s Exclusive Bateau-n Rouge Lavender Backless Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Leopard & Rose Print High-Low Dress, $29.80

Lulu’s Lovers’ Lane Peach and Ivory Lace, $40

Delia’s Scalloped Lace Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Cutout Back Lace Dress, $17.80

Lulu’s Mighty Aphrodite Dark Blue Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Sweetheart Hi-Low Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s The Power of Lovely Seafoam Dress, $41

Lulu’s Partner in Crime Peach Dress, $45

Forever 21’s Floral Lace High-Low Dress, $29.80

Lulu’s Three-sy Does It Navy Blue, Coral, and Cream Dress, $35

Forever 21’s Contrast Lace A-Line Dress, $27.80

Forever 21’s Lace Sheath Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s Bow-tiful Dreamer Backless Red Dress, $41

Lulu’s Hook, Line, and Sinker Black and White Striped Dress, $36

Forever 21’s Sweetheart Peplum Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s Lotus Dance Strapless Cream Embroidered Dress, $46

Forever 21’s Animal Print Shift Dress w/ Sash, $22.80

Lulu’s May I Have This Dance? Blush Pink Lace Dress, $45

Lulu’s Band of Forces Black Dress, $49

So there are my suggestions for you High School gals! I hope you liked them or at least have gotten inspired. Tip: If you like the dresses from Lulu’s they are currently having a sale on sale items until Memorial Day. You get 25% off sale items!

Stay Gold. Toodles 🙂