My All-Time Favorite Face Masks

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Hey, babes! Let’s talk skincare. I think doing a mask at least 2-3x a week is important for your skin. Masks are able to do everything that cleansers and exfoliators can’t. I’ve been wanting to do this post for a while, but I wanted to make sure that I finalized my list of favorites. So, here we go…

From least to most expensive

  • Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque ($4) is the best and most effective drugstore mask that I’ve ever used. It helps clear your skin and minimize pores. I definitely recommend it to anyone on a budget! Try mixing  it with tea tree oil = amazing.
  • Boscia’s Black Luminizing Mask ($34) is a peel-off mask that helps brighten your complexion. It doesn’t do much for acne but it helps with dullness and pores.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Therapeutic Sulfur Masque ($40) is my all time favorite for spot treatment and full-face usage. This baby is magic and made me fall in love with PTR products because he grew up with cystic acne. So, he clearly knows what he’s doing when it comes to making an acne effective product. This baby will flatten your pimples overnight. LITERALLY.
  • GlamGlow Supermud ($69) is a pretty penny but definitely effective. You feel it working and SEE the pores being vacuumed of gunk. It’s kind of fascinating yet gross to see the bacteria that’s in your face. This works just like the PTR Sulfur Masque.



Hormonal Birth Control 101

Hey, all. So, as you can see we’re gonna talk about birth control today. If you’re uncomfortable or are totally against BC, then just exit out :). However, if you want to be educated on the topic, continue on. First off, birth control isn’t only for pregnancy prevention. Pregnancy prevention is the main purpose, but definitely not the only purpose. While we’re on the topic of preventing pregnancy, let me just quickly say the only way to be 100% sure you’re not going to get pregnant is by not having sex. Of course, expecting everyone to abstain isn’t realistic so that’s why BC was invented. Also, BC DOES NOT PREVENT STDS. Therefore, you should always partner it with a condom. But, this isn’t what this post about. This post is about the different purposes of BC and the different types of HORMONAL BC for women. As someone who’s been on BC for 5 years, I would say I’m knowledgeable on the topic. Let’s just jump in, shall we?

You can decide to get on birth control for 3 reasons….

Pregnancy Prevention

Acne Problems

Period Regulation

Aside for preventing pregnancy, BC can help with acne, as well as period regulation. If you’re taking BC for acne, certain prescriptions will work than others.  Be sure to choose a method that has more estrogen and low progestin. Why? Progestin can cause your testosterone levels to increase and testosterone increase oil production. We all know too much oil causes blocked pores aka acne. So, talk to your doctor about which BC methods can work for your acne.

BC is also used for girls and women who suffer from painful, heavy, long, and/or irregular periods. Since most BC options out there are hormonal, they are great for making your period lighter, shorter, regulated, and less painful. Sometimes, birth control can make you skip your period altogether, but that is completely normal. If you’re worried that you still might be pregnant, then take a test.

Types of Birth Control

  • The Pill This is the only form of BC that I’ve taken. It’s my tried and true. I would recommend it to basically anyone. However, if you’re bad at remembering to take pills, don’t choose this form of birth control. You need to take this pill every day, especially if you’re consistently sexually active. Also, if you take antibiotics, the pill may not be your best option. Antibiotics make the pill less effective. I did experience light spotting when I first got on it, but it eventually went away after a month. I was also a victim of heavy, long, and painful periods. The pill helped that immensely! As far as acne goes, the best pill that I’ve used for that is Estrostep. I’ve also been on Loestrin 24 Fe, but I stopped because it was making me super moody after a while. I’m currently on the generic brand of Seasonique. Amethia, which I love because I only get my period every 3 months.
  • The Ring I know a few people who have been on the Nuva Ring. I’ve contemplated it, but I just don’t want to put anything in my body unless it’s a tampon, haha. The way it works is that you insert it and keep it in for 3 weeks. On the 4th week, you remove it and get your period. If you’re someone who is comfortable inserting things in your body and can remember to do this 2x a month, I’d try it. I haven’t heard anyone who’s been on the ring complain about it.
  • Implanon This is basically a tiny rod that it injected into your arm. You won’t be able to see it and it prevents pregnancy for 3 years. If you want to live life freely without remembering to do anything, then this is for you! My cousin was on it after her first child and loved it. I might get on the Implanon if I get into a long term relationship.
  • IUD This is a T-shaped thing that’s inserted by your doctor into your uterus. I am basically anti anything that has to be inserted into my vagina and left there. But, it does protect against pregnancy for years. I’ve heard horror stories as well as great experiences with the IUD. The best thing to do is to talk to your doctor about it.
  • The Shot This method is easy but tricky at the same time. You basically have to get the shot every 3 months for it to work. It sounds like a piece of cake, but if you miss an appointment you are in the danger zone. A friend of mine had missed her appointment and ended up pregnant. So, definitely be on top of it.
  • The Patch The patch is something that you also have to remember to put on and take off. It’s a square band-aid looking thing, It has the same concept as the Nuva Ring. Stick it on and leave it for 3 weeks. Then take if off on the 4th week.
  • Morning After Pill You are NOT supposed to use this every day not often. This is just for emergency situations. If you’ve had unprotected sex, you can pick up a morning after pill at the drugstore but be sure to take it within 72 hours.

I hoped this helped you guys gain some insight or satisfied your curiosity. Remember, I AM NOT A DOCTOR. I’m just sharing with you what I know and have experienced. Always check with your doctor!


I hope this gave you guys some insight and knowledge

#GrowingUpHispanic : Vick’s IS The MIRACALE HEALER


Hey, all! There are plenty of memes out there about Hispanics believing that Vick’s Vapor Rub cures everything, especially Hispanic grandparents. It reminds me of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” because the main character’s dad believed Windex cured everything, ha! Anyway, I’m here to tell you that Vick’s IS AMAZING!

My grandma and aunt are obsessed with Vick’s, along with some of my other distant relatives. They apply it on their face and chest daily, whether or not their sick. I personally have only used it for when I’m sick. A few days ago, my face was severely misbehaving. I was having major breakouts! My grandma told me just to apply Vick’s and it will go away. LO AND BEHOLD IT DID! It even made my bacne go away, overnight! It flattened all the acne. I also use it for body aches and it works like a charm! Needless to say Hispanic grandparents know what they’re talking about, haha!

I honestly think you can use Vick’s Vapor Rub for plenty of different topical uses, except on your privates obviously and obviously don’t eat it! If you’re having skin issues, definitely try it and see what happens!


All The Deets: New & Improved Skincare Routine

Hey all! I’ve been a real skincare snob these past few months and I figured I might as well share with you my new skincare routine. It’s definitely a bit more time consuming but I find that it’s the only way my skin stays at its best! I used to be fairly low maintenance with skincare. I would literally just use a makeup wipe, rinse, and hit the sheets! That’s a HUGE no-no, especially is you’re a frequent makeup wearer. I noticed that my makeup was just looking crappy and that was ultimately because my skin was crappy. It wasn’t covered in acne or anything but it was just dull and blah! You could just feel it when your skin isn’t in the best shape. So, I became a skincare snob and I have been following this regimen religiously because consistency is key!

In the morning, I don’t do much because I’m not a believer of OVERWASHING your face. Yes, there is such a thing. I keep it simple. I rinse my face with COLD WATER to wake me up and since I’m not using any product it doesn’t matter if my pores are open or not. Then, I use my Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control toner all over my face. Once that’s dry I do my primer and makeup as usual. I’m on the oily side so I don’t moisturize in the day. Call me crazy but that’s how I roll.

At night, I use my all time favorite makeup wipes which are the Neutrogena Hydrating Makeup Wipes. These are the wipes in the teal packaging. Out of all the Neutrogena wipes I’ve used, these take off makeup the best in my opinion. After that I use my Mario Badescu Acne Facial Cleanser which is heaven in a bottle. The only thing I don’t like is that it’s not a foamy cleanser but hey as long as it works! I massage that all over my face with my Clarisonic. If you don’t have a Clarisonic, INVEST IN ONE!  It’s a truly amazing tool that deep cleans your skin and REALLY takes out all the gunk. Washing your face with your hands doesn’t compare. I stopped using it for about 4 months and my skin was just garbage. Needless to say, I’m never doing that again. Also, when I wash my face I start with lukewarm water and then turn it to the colder side when I’m fully done. About 2-3x a week, I exfoliate with my Murad Skin Smoothing Polish. I hate to admit this but I never really exfoliated my skin until now and now I realize all the goodness my skin was missing out on. For more info on the product, check out my review here. After cleansing, I sometimes use my PMD. However, I only use it once a week and if I only cleansed my skin that day. I don’t use it if I exfoliated as well because I feel like that’s overkill. For more info on the PMD, check it out here. After all that jazz, I use my toner followed by my VMV ID Anti-Acne Oil-Free Lotion. This ish right here is no joke. You have to use it little by little otherwise it won’t work. Also, it is one the greasy side which is funny to me because it’s oil-free but whatever. Also, for the occasional Aunt Flow crater pimple, I alternate between VMV Monolaurin Gel and Kate Sommerville’s Eradikate.

Tips and Tricks

Always pat dry your face, never rub. Nobody wants premature wrinkles.

Never use a towel to dry your face because you’re just putting the bacteria back on your skin. Instead, use a paper towel to dry off.

Always exfoliate weekly. Don’t be a fool like I was.

Cold water closes pores. Hot water dehydrates skin and opens pores. Lukewarm water is best but cool water to finish off is my personal preference.

There you have it! I hope you find this information helpful.


Get That Glow: Personal Microdermabrasion

Hey darlings! Let’s just jump right in to this topic, shall we? Who has hyperpigmentation? *raises hand* Who has dull complexion? *raises hand* Who has large pores? *raises hand* Who suffers from acne? *raises hand* Who suffers from wrinkles? Who suffers from ANY SKIN RELATED PROBLEMS? If you’re like most of the population, let me introduce you to the PMD aka the Personal Microdermabrasion system.

What is microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a procedure where tiny crystals are used to buff away the dry, dead skin off the surface layer of your skin. It promotes cell renewal and reveals healthier, younger looking skin. Also, since it’s removing the gunk from the outmost layer of your skin, your skincare products will be able to penetrate your skin SO MUCH BETTER. 

I first heard about this product 2 years ago when I was watching Amanda Ensing’s video on it. However, that price tag was intense and I was a broke ass college student. Let’s just keep it real haha. I obviously had to put it on the back burner. Two years later, more and more people on YouTube were talking about it and I finally decided to buy it. Keep in mind, a single treatment of microdermabrasion can be a bit pricy. In NYC, prices range from $50-$150 per session. The PMD is $159 but I was lucky enough get a coupon code from Raschelle aka MsRoshPosh on YT for 15% off. So, I only paid $135.The PMD kit comes with the device itself, 2 caps (1 for body, 1 for face), 1 training disc (the white one), 4 sensitive skin, blue discs (2 for face, 2 for body), 2 normal skin, green discs (1 for face, 1 for body), and of course the plug.

 When I got it, I wanted to use it immediately! I saw so many tutorials on it, so I decided to jump right in. I even skipped the video that came with the package – rebellious, I know. I just tested it on my arm with the white training disc for about 10 seconds and decided I knew how to use it.

The first time I used it, I don’t think I was doing it right because I didn’t notice any difference. The product itself doesn’t claim difference after one use but plenty of reviews that I read were claiming magical things. The only thing I noticed was that was skin was pretty damn soft. The next morning, my skin didn’t seem much different. However, after the second and third treatment, I was floored. The hyperpigmentation on my skin was noticeably fading, especially on my chin which is where I’m prone to scars and acne. I also had a pimple coming in and when I used the PMD, it was flat the next morning – literally. My family has even noticed a difference in my skin to the point that they want me to use it on them. I personally use the device once a week. I know some people who say they do it twice a week but I’m not brave enough to do that. It’s my face we’re talking about here lol. I don’t want to cause any issues I can’t come back from haha.

Here are some tips:

  • Prior to using the PMD, wash your face and make sure it’s 100% dry. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to move the PMD on your skin if it’s clammy or damp.
  • Hold your skin taut when using the device.
  • Make sure the device is always moving NEVER let it hover in one spot. You will burn your skin. I was a millisecond away from doing this. Thankfully nothing happened but just a bit of redness.
  • If your skin does get a bit red after you try it, DON’T BE ALARMED. That’s your blood coming up to the skin’s surface because the device sucks at your skin.
  • Follow up with a toner and moisturizer, of course.
  • Start off with the sensitive disc. When you’re comfortable, move on to the normal discs or you can even buy more abrasive discs if you don’t think the normal discs will do it for you.
  • Make sure you clean the discs and filter after use. I use rubbing alcohol for the discs and warm water for the filter.

I can 100% honestly say that this product has been changing my skin. If you’re consistent, I know you’ll reach the skin that you’ve always desired. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results after 2 weeks. I’d give it a month because everyone’s skin is different. But I promise you that you’ll get that glow soon enough!

If you want to see a demo, check out MsRoshPosh’s video.


Face Mapping: Acne & Your Health

Hello dolls. Let’s talk about the dreaded acne topic. Not the old run of the mill topics like: How do I get rid of acne? Why do I have acne? What products are best for acne? How often should I exfoliate? Blah, blah, blah. No, today let’s get deeper than that. I want to talk about acne and what you acne is telling you about your overall health.

For those of you who didn’t know, your face is a symbol of your overall health. If something isn’t right, you face is bound to show it. Your acne is telling you something! Although western medical practitioners don’t believe in this, a lot of eastern medical practitioners swear by it. Face mapping is basically linking certain areas of your acne breakouts to your internal organs. It’s traced back to traditional Chinese medicine.

I’m a firm believer that acne is usually caused from within, not just external causes such as: makeup, dirt, etc. So, I decided to share with you a face mapping guide to help you figure out what’s causing your acne.

Area 1 (upper forehead): Linked to the bladder and digestive system. It could signify poor digestive health

Area 2 (lower forehead): Linked to bladder & digestive system. This could mean irregular sleep, stress, bad blood circulation or depression

Area 3 (middle of the brows): Linked to the liver. Stop drinking so much, you lush! Haha, no but seriously this could mean you have too much alcohol in your system or too much fat.

Area 4 (around the eyes): Linked to the kidneys. This likely means dehydration.

Area 5 (the nose): Linked to the heart. It can mean stress or blood pressure problems.

Area 6 (cheeks): Linked to the respiratory system. Smoking much? Allergies? Lung problems? These can play a part.

Area 7 (sides of chin): LINKED TO HORMONES! This is the beast of my acne. I only break out on my chin and it’s almost always because of Aunt Flo or a change in my hormones. Hormonal imbalances and stress can cause this area to flare up.

Area 8 (lower chin): Linked to the stomach. This can also be a sign of digestive issues.

Next time you have a breakout, take a look in the mirror and check out where it’s happening. Maybe your acne is telling you more than “Stop sleeping with your makeup on!” 🙂


Hit or Miss: Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment

(via sephora.com)

Hello! It’s about that time again and I’ve been dying to review this product. Let’s just get into it.

When I get a breakout it’s hormonal, which I personally think is the worst! I get them on my chin and more often than not they’re under the skin. I’ve been wanting to pick up a sample of this for a while and when I felt a breakout on my chin coming on, I had to try it. The sephora.com description says, “Kate Somerville EradiKate Acne Treatment heals blemishes and prevents future breakouts quickly. This powerful skincare solution provides the highest level of sulfur allowed in order to calm acne flare-ups and free skin of further bacteria buildup. The result is a clear complexion that lasts.” When I got home, I washed my face and used a q-tip to apply it on my chin. I applied it all over my chin, not just on the pimple I felt coming in. The next morning, I was AMAZED!!!

This product is a HIT! It’s literally insane how well this works. I woke up the next morning feeling no bump whatsoever- NOT ONE!!!! It’s most definitely the best product I’ve used for acne. I’ve never used a product that has worked this quickly AND effectively aside from the VMV Hypoallergenic Monolaurin Gel. However, I enjoy this product more. My only issue is it does smell because it does has sulfur in it. Besides that, I love it. I will be dishing out the $24 for it. If you have acne prone skin, I would definitely recommend this product hands down.