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Beyoncé x #LEMONADE




Hey, dears! Let us just get right into it because you guys all know that I’m a Beyoncé stan. I am definitely a member of the Beyhive. So it’s no surprise that I’m about to talk about #LEMONADE. Now in case you live in a box with no access to the outside world, let me tell you what the hell #LEMONADE is. It is the SECOND visual album that Beyonce dropped out of nowhere. This woman knows how to make headlines! But again, no surprise.

At first, the album was only available via Tidal. Now, it’s available on iTunes and Amazon.  However, people have been sharing the whole thing via social media, specifically Facebook. When I mean the whole thing, I mean the VISUAL part. Now, if you want the tracks you may wanna check out Tidal, iTunes, Amazon… or some other sneaky method if you have one.

A big difference between her 2 visual albums is the layout and content. As oppose to “Beyonce” album, “Lemonade” is a whole story in one basically. It flows from one song to another into an hour long masterpiece. Also, this new album is basically about infidelity. There are some other topics hidden in the story, such as Black power and women power, but it’s mainly about infidelity. The stages of it. The emotions. The roller coaster. The best thing is that it’s all coming from a woman’s standpoint which makes it super relatable. Let’s be honest, every woman has been heartbroken so they’ll be able to relate to this album. Whether it’s a song or the whole album, it’s relatable.

I would honestly have to say this is probably the most artistic album Beyonce has ever done. Her last one was pretty creative but this one had deeper meaning all across the board! So if you want to be stimulated mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, WATCH IT. I’ve shared it on my Facebook so go take a look!



Is The Weeknd the Next Michael Jackson?


Hey babies! Let’s talk music.

Yesterday, I came across an article on talking about how Abel Tesfaye, aka The Weeknd, is this generation’s Michael Jackson. I was a little surprised that someone had made such a comparison because we all know MJ was ICONIC and still is. However, when I got deeper into the article I realize The Weeknd is well on his way and here’s why…

First off, let me say that I LOVE ABEL. I’ve loved him and his music since 2012. His dark, recluse personality made him attractive. He wasn’t out here doing all these interviews and starving for attention on social media or anything. He would just do his thing, release his music, and let the fans come as they may. I also was intrigued by the fact that he can say the most awful, disgusting things but make it sound so soothing with his voice. It’s insane how well he does that! His new album, Beauty Behind the Madness, was just released August 22nd and it has internet going insane. I feel like ever since his song “Earned It” was in the “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie, tons of new fans swarmed in which made them anticipate new music. This album has definitely received more attention than any of his other ones.

So back to the point, how does this tie into MJ? As stated in the article on, one thing that Abel and MJ have similar is they both speak about candid topics honestly. MJ was not afraid to discuss controversial topics in his music and we all know The Weeknd talks very openly about drugs, addiction, sexuality, depression, etc. He keeps it real but also has the tendency to be very dark in his music. However, this new album is different. Last week, he told GQ, “All of my music is honest. When I write, I write about my surroundings. Sometimes it’s light and sometimes it gets very dark. With this album I’ve learned to balance them out and evolve my sound.” He also plainly stated that this generation needs an iconic artist. He told the New York Times, “These kids, you know, they don’t have a Michael Jackson. They don’t have a Prince. They don’t have a Whitney. Who else is there? Who else can really do it at this point?” Is he hinting that being the next music icon is his ultimate goal? Who knows? While no one will ever replace Michael Jackson, I certainly think that Abel has the potential to be beyond great. It would be amazing to see him get to that level. I feel like with this new balance he’s found between dark and light, he’s going to be able to climb the charts better than ever.

What are your thoughts?


Review: Aaliyah Movie


Now for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know that this review is going to be harsh. So let’s just jump right in.

Frankly, Lifetime’s biopic of Aaliyah was pure SH*T. It honestly saddens me to say that because an artist like her deserves so much more than a half-assed TV movie. This “movie” did her NO justice. So let’s begin with casting…

Whoever did the casting for this is on some heavy drugs. Visually, I can SLIGHTLY see why they would pick Alexandra Shipp. If we’re talking vocals, they should’ve stuck with Zendaya – but then again it was her choice to drop out. Zendaya even took the liberty of throwing some shade while the movie aired. She tweeted “KARMA” while the movie playing – shots fired! Yet, I don’t think she would’ve made much of a difference in the movie’s quality anyway. Moving on to the rest of the casting.. point blank it was as if a blind person was in charge of casting. I only recognized 2 other actors who have played roles in the TV show Degrassi.

Besides casting, this movie was just stupid. I didn’t feel emotional and sure I may not be the most emotional person in a room but still. A movie based on an artist that you LOVE should make you feel something. I’m just offended at how bad this movie is. The executive producer, Wendy Williams, should be ashamed for even helping put this out. She stated, “Lifetime needed to tell this story correctly”. Well hate to break it to you, but you didn’t help much. The movie is still crap. The main reason why this movie was so God awful is because her family wasn’t apart of it. So why make a movie when her own family isn’t having it? MAJOR FAIL. Karma? BITCH YOU GUESSED IT!

I sincerely hope that one day her family decides to do an actual biopic based on her life on the BIG SCREEN. That is what she deserves! She deserves something just as amazing as the Selena movie. That movie hands down is the best biopic of all time. Why? Because her family was involved and everything was on point! Lifetime needs to stop making these crappy biopics. Just stick to crime based and life lesson movies, please! I can’t even imagine how bad the Whitney Houston biopic will be. Sorry Aaliyah for this pitiful movie! xx

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