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Best Selena Makeup Tutorials

Hey, all. I figured that since the Mac Selena collection recently launched that I should share with you my favorite Selena-inspired makeup/hair looks on YouTube. I feel like these videos really captured her essence & look best.



Halloween Makeup Looks

Hey, all! With Halloween around the corner, I think it’s about time that I spoke about some fun and creepy Halloween makeup looks! Almost all of these would need a costume to complete the look and some of them need special effects makeup (SFX). For SFX makeup, I highly recommend purchasing from Mehron. That got the juice when it comes to costume makeup. For those of you who don’t like to go all out and like to keep your looks simple and easy, don’t fret! I will have another post talking about “last minute” Halloween makeup/outfit ideas. However, this post is for those of you Halloween stans who like to plan ahead! So let’s get on to these looks…

Bride of Frankenstein (via Pinterest)

Desi Perkins slayed with this Bride of Frankenstein makeup look! I used her tutorial to learn how to do my fake stitches in the photo above. This is a perfect look for those of you who want to serve creepy but glam at the same time.

Little Red “Rotting” Hood (via Pinterest)

To me, Nicole Guerriero is the QUEEN of Halloween makeup tutorials on Youtube. She literally goes all out! I wanted to do this look last year, but since I didn’t have any plans I ended up not doing it. She actually uses some Mehron products in this look.

Zombie Cleopatra (via Pinterest)

Amanda Ensing did a pretty damn good job with her zombie Cleopatra! One of the good things about this look is that she did the wound without using SFX. She used adhesive and tissue paper.

Evil Killer Clown (via Pinterest)

This look is just plain creepy, but dope at the same time. I personally would pair this with a carnival-like outfit and a bloody, FAKE knife.

Evil Queen of the Tribe (via Pinterest)

I probably should’ve mentioned that Nicole Guerriero was going to be featured a few times in this post haha. Sorry, not sorry. I can’t help it if she nails so many Halloween looks! Plus, this look is so unique. You wouldn’t think of this look off the top of your head. If you don’t want the evil version, she also does a good version in the same video.

Pop Art (via Pinterest)

Although Pop Art makeup is tedious to do, it looks amazing! I’m a fan of anything fun and retro.

Ice Queen (via youtube)

This look is just whimsical glam and I simply love it. Not everyone likes to be super creepy and I totally get it 🙂

Galaxy Chic

This is the most creative thing I’ve ever seen on Youtube, makeup wise. Now, this wasn’t meant to be a Halloween look. Nicole did it just because she was feeling alien-like haha. Either way, this would probably be one of the boldest and  most creative looks for Halloween. I would wear this with a silver jumpsuit or something galaxy like.

Demon (via Pinterest)

When I think demon, I think of the demons on Supernatural. Those big black pupils just define “demon” in my eyes. I think this look is great on its own or with a costume.

Zombie Flapper (via Pinterest)

This is another look Desi Perkins executed flawlessly! I plan to be a zombie flapper this Halloween, but just a bit more toned down.

I hope this post gave you guys some inspiration! xx


Aaliyah Inspired Makeup Tutorials


So I didn’t want to end my Aaliyah themed posts on a negative note with that dumbass movie. So let’s be more upbeat and talk makeup! Aaliyah was more of a natural makeup gal. She wasn’t the caked, glam type. Her natural beauty was always enough! However, I know a lot of people were fans of her makeup in her music videos. It just so happens that two of my favorite Youtube ladies, MsRoshPosh and ItsMyRayeRaye, have decided to film Aaliyah inspired makeup tutorials!

So if you were in loveeeeeeee with Aaliyah’s makeup in “We Need A Resolution”, peep MsRoshPosh’s makeup tutorial.

If you’re a true Aaliyah fan, you’ve definitely seen “Romeo Must Die”. ItsMyRayeRaye recreated one of her looks from the film and I think she did a damn good job. Check it out!

Enjoy! xx