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MAC’s First Look at Selena Collection




Hey, darlings! I know I have been gone for ALMOST a month, but I’m back! It was really rough working a full time, stressful , time-consuming job and still get the luxury to write about things that interest me. Now that I’m back, let’s just talk about what really matters. – Selena!

First off, can we address the fact that it’s been 21 years since she’s passed?! I feel like it was yesterday. Although I was 2, I definitely remember seeing it on the TV and how stunned by grandmother was. It is a memory that will be engrained in my mind forever.

Anyway, MAC has finally given us a sneak peek of what’s to come in the Selena Collection. Now, I don’t give a damn if I have all the shade that are released in the collection, I’m buying it. NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. Selena is my idol. I have to give my support. Plus, the colors are inspired by shades that she would wear on and off stage. Who doesn’t wanna wear a Selena-inspired lipstick?! I sure as hell do. Therefore, when it hits counters this October, I’ll be first in line. ❤




Mariah Carey x MAC Cosmetics

Hey, dears! I sense a popular theme going on in the entertainment and beauty world. It seems these days a lot of well-known celebrities are collaborating with MAC Cosmetics. I feel like every celebrity beauty collaboration that I’ve heard of involves MAC Cosmetics! Sheesh, I love me some MAC but I didn’t know they got the juice like that!

As we all know Mariah Carey is famous for a lot of songs. However, I know that whenever people think of Mariah Carey’s music, one song that stands out is of course “All I Want For Christmas Is You”. So, it comes to no surprise that she will be releasing a frosty, champagne nude shade of lipstick this December called “All I Want”! However, her entire line, MAC Beauty Icon, won’t be released until next year.

So, who here will be buying some of this diva’s makeup collection?!