Colourpop Highlighters: Review & Swatches

Hey all! Today I want to do things a bit different. Let’s talk about highlighters! I never talk about highlighters because I never really fell into the whole trend. I would very rarely apply highlighters during my makeup routine… until now. When I first dabbled into highlighters, I bought NYX’s liquid illuminator because I wasn’t about to splurge on something I didn’t know how I was gonna feel about. So Becca’s highlighters, Bobbi Brown’s shimmer bricks, etc were out of the question! I ended up enjoying it so I decided to dabble in the highlighter trend.

Colourpop came out with highlighters a few months back and they’re super affordable so I picked a few up. Here the shades…

Left to Right: Highly Waisted, Teasecake, Butterfly Beach, Wisp

Sorry if the swatches aren’t picking up very well but that’s the best I could do for now. So let’s discuss the shades from left to right.

Highly Waisted – soft golden peach with pink and gold duo chrome finishes.

Teasecake – pale pink with a gold and pink duo chrome finish

Butterfly Beach – soft peach with highlights of gold and silver

Wisp – golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes

As far as quality goes, I AM IN LOVE! The texture is like butter. They’re so creamy and pigmented. My personal faves are Highly Waisted and Butterfly Beach. Highly Waisted is a gorgeous rose gold color on my skin. Butterfly Beach is comes off like a golden coral on my cheeks. Teasecake is pretty pink so I would probably use that the least since I don’t do many pink looks. Wisp gives me that bronzy J.Lo vibe so I know I’ll be using that one often.

The price point is $8 each! Yes, only $8. To me that’s incredibly reasonable compared to a lot of other highlighters on the market. So if you’re just trying highlighters for the first time or want to add some new affordable ones to your collection, I’d definitely check out Colourpop!



My Top 5: Foundations

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Happy Saturday people! I’ve been thinking about doing a “Top 5” post perhaps every month or every other month, because I find that a lot of people enjoy them. Whether you’re a high end or drugstore beauty person, I think posts like these will be beneficial.  So, be on the look out.

Anyway, lately I’ve been into sampling so many different foundations. Why? Because I just love trying out new foundations! It’s that simple haha. Before I indulge in my top 5 favorite foundations, let’s discuss my personal preference when looking for a foundation.


  • Coverage: It HAS to be medium to full coverage because I do have hyperpigmentation on my chin.
  • Skin Type: It has to work well with combo/oily skin. Lately, my skin has been combo but in the summer it can get crazy.
  • Lightweight: I’m not quite fond of the feeling of having makeup on my face. I know I have it on but I don’t want to feel it.
  • Longevity: It has to be long lasting.

So, based on the criteria above here are my all time favorites from least expensive to most expensive.

 Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless ($6-8)

  • This foundation is my new favorite drugstore foundation. As I said in my battle of the brands post, it’s amazing. It’s medium to full coverage and the shade (Warm Honey 322) fits me impeccably. However, I will say the color selection isn’t great, especially for people with darker skin tones. Also, it doesn’t look or feel heavy and the wear longevity is decent. Since it’s matte, it’s ideal for my skin type.

MAC Studio Fix Fluid ($27)

  • The funny thing is that I never tried MAC foundations until last June. This is my best friend’s go-to foundation and she had nothing but good things to say about it. I finally decided to leave my Revlon Colorstay behind and snag me a bottle of this and now…it’s my everyday foundation. But not for nothing, Revlon’s Colorstay is pretty close to this. However, this is better. The coverage is medium but buildable, with a matte finish. It’s not the most lightweight but it’s comfortable and it’s long-wearing.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup ($37)

  • This baby right here is greatness. The staying power is INSANE!!! The color selection is great. The coverage is medium and buildable. My favorite thing about this foundation is that it does not budge for sh*t. I can probably sleep in this and wake up with a full face in the morning, BUT I would never do that. It’s very natural looking too.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation ($48)

  • I just recently did a Hit or Miss post on this magic in a bottle so you should already know I’m in love. This is my holy grail high end foundation. Estee Lauder is great but this one is so lightweight it’s scary. The finish is gorgeous!! I look like a glowing goddess without looking like an oil slick. The coverage is definitely full – sometimes I even skip concealer on my blemishes. The longevity is amazing as well. I have nothing bad to say about it at all!!

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk ($62)

  • This one has come close to being my holy grail, VERY CLOSE. The problem is… it’s too damn expensive. A holy grail foundation is something I can continue to buy over and over again and not feel pain. This is literally biting a bullet. NAR’s foundation makes me cringe just a tad but this foundation makes me want to cry hahaha. I fell in love because it’s so lighweight and silky. I love the silky feeling it gives my face. Words can never justify how good my skin feels when I have this on. The coverage is buildable and leaves my skin looking radiant and flawless.

I hope this post gave you some insight on what I think is best in the market based on my criteria. If you’re criteria is similar to mine, I definitely suggest you try these out. Also, I know I had only 1 drugstore foundation on here as my favorite but the rest just don’t scream AMAZING to me. But here are some drugstore foundations that I think are pretty good, as well.

Revlon Colorstay (Although there was controversy surrounding their CEO, I need to give credit where it’s due.)

CoverGirl 3-in-1 & CoverGirl Queen Collection

L’oreal True Match


Hit or Miss: NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation


Good Afternoon all! I’ve been dying to review this foundation but I wanted to hold off because to make sure my opinions were FINAL. I picked up a sample of this in January. Yes, I’ve been holding out on your guys for 2 months!  Don’t kill me! You’re gonna appreciate this review. Let’s get down to it.

I expected to hate this foundation because anything with “luminous” or “glowing” just makes me more oily looking – except the Giorgio Armani foundation. So, I was hesitant to even try this foundation. However, since there is no more NARS Sheer Matte, I figured what the hey. says, “Achieve full-coverage, lightweight foundation that leaves a natural finish. Highly pigmented and perfectly balanced, this breakthrough, full-coverage formula builds and blends effortlessly. Its Even Tone Technology instantly neutralizes redness and dullness, while it works to reduce discoloration for more even, uniform skin. Perfect for all skin types, it features Weightless Long-wear Technology, an exclusive blend from NARS with flexible polymers and treated pigments that move with the skin while providing 16 hours of staying power.” Also, supposedly one drop of this stuff is enough for you whole face. I don’t use my foundation in drops. I just put some on my finger and dot it on my face. However, the foundation DOES come with a pump if you’re about that “one drop” life.

What do I think of it? I FREAKING LOVE IT!!!!!! I would never expect to fall in love with a “luminous” foundation like I did with this one. I love Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk but that price – girrrrrlllll, I CANNOT. I’m not dishing out $62 for a foundation every time I run out. I’m not doing that – not even for the Vine. However, this foundation is high end too. It costs $48 but I don’t mind that at all. The consistency is very fluid-like. It’s very liquidy. It’s very lightweight and natural looking. A little goes a long way but you need more than one drop for sure. I wouldn’t use more than 3 drops though. The coverage is medium but I would say it’s buildable. The best way to apply it in my opinion is with a beauty blender. You will look FLAWLESS. It has a pretty good staying power and it has me looking like a radiant goddess. I used it for my makeup here. I absolutely loved it. For an oily beast like me to say she loves a luminous foundation is insane, but I do – it’s oil free!! I would recommend this to anyone! It’s the best HIT I’ve done!