All About Handbags

Hey, my dears! Handbags are probably a woman’s most important accessory. Like where else are you gonna put all your stuff? In your pockets? I highly doubt it unless you’re going to the corner store. Handbags are essential! There are plenty of different types to choose from, but there are definitely a few must-haves. I’m going to share a few handbag staples as well as my favorite places to shop for bags.

Handbag Staples
  • Tote A tote is basically a large shoulder bag that fits a bunch of stuff in it. You can use it for weekend travel and for just the average day. An example is the burgundy bag in the photo.
  • Cross Body To me, the main purpose of a crossbody is to be convenient. They range from big and small. I usually use these when I’m going out drinking or clubbing because I’m not trying to worry about my bag all night. I know I always have it on me because strapped on to my body comfortably. An example of a crossbody is the small black bag. I usually like my crossbody bags to be small.
  • Structured This is your basic purse. You usually can’t fit it on your shoulder because of the straps length. You can rest it on the inside of your elbow, though. They’re similar to the navy striped one pictured. They’re also not as spacious as a tote.
  • Clutches/Wristlets I didn’t include photos of these, but they’re small and fit the basics like your wallet and makeup. I stick to these on formal occasions.

I’m not a luxury handbag type of person. I rarely every buy designer handbags because I like my handbags fairly simple. If I’m gonna drop a bunch of money on something, it definitely wouldn’t be a purse. My go-to places for handbags are…




Banana Republic

Forever 21

All these stores offer affordable, good quality, and stylish handbags 🙂



Best Places To Shop For Accessories

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Hey all! I know I’ve been flooding Fashenty with red carpet fashion posts. It’s been quite a while I’ve done a general fashion post so it’s time to stop neglecting you fashionistas out there!

When I think accessories I think purses, clutches, hats, belts, sunglasses and jewelry. I don’t think shoes because I think shoes deserve their own category. Maybe that will be my next fashion post – who knows? So, I’m going to share with you my ultimate favorite places to get my accessories!


Bauble Bar

Princess P. Jewelry

Irie Mi

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe





Daily Look


Urban Outfitters



Necessary Clothing




Brandy Melville

Urban Outfitters

Forever 21

Charlotte Russe

If you’re on a low budget, then Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Brandy Melville, Necessary Clothing, Etsy, and Tilly’s are your go-to’s. Now, if you’re on a budget and willing to splurge a bit Lulu’s, Irie Mi, and TopShop can be your friends. They have a range of inexpensive to splurge. It all depends on your style. Bauble Bar, Princess P. Jewelry, and Daily Look have range but you’ll find that a good amount of things are about $50 and above – especially Bauble Bar and Urban Outfitters.

Hope this helped!



Season Trend: Little White Dresses

Hello all! It’s time for a fashion post. It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve been doing the usual best & worst dressed but it’s time to do something different! So here we go …

Now I’m sure most of you have heard of LBD aka “Little Black Dress”. Every woman should have one if not a few LBDs in their closet. It’s classic! However, the summer trend right now is the LWD aka “Little White Dress”. LWDs have been seen virtually everywhere! They’ve been on the red carpet and runway, as well was magazines, television, and blogs.

The great thing about LWDs and LBDs is that you can accessorize them endlessly! Plus, they are extremely easy to come across. The question is… what kind of LWD is right for you? Well, that all depends on personal preference! I have a couple of LWDs stashed in my closet. Most of them are lace and one or two are bodycon. But if you like all styles of LWDs, then hey go all out! Like I said you can dress it up or dress it down however you like. Here are some examples of casual LWDS …

  1. Airy Important Person Ivory Lace Dress, $46 –
  2. Sunny Daze Crochet Dress, $17.80 –
  3. Billabong Sand Kisses Embroidered White Maxi Dress, $69.50 –


If you’re looking for some more dressier options, here are some examples…

  1. Make Way for Wonderful Ivory Lace Maxi Dress, $77 –
  2. Space Lace Dress, $62 –
  3. Let’s Run Away Ivory Dress, $44 –

So you can clearly see that LWDs can be worn for pretty much anything. Most LWDs that I’ve seen have lace and are maxi or skater style. However, there are plenty of other options. If you don’t know where to start, go on polyvore! You’re guaranteed to find something. Not a fan of online shopping? Forever 21 has TONS of LWDs. Get to shopping girl!



Graduation Fashion 2.0

Hello lovelies! Graduation is right around the corner! My graduation is in 19 days … yes I’ve been counting. Only 19 days until I’m pushed into the real world. Anyway, I’ve noticed that people have been looking at my graduation fashion post from last year & it’s time to update you guys! I’m gonna let you in on the stores that I think have some cute options for graduation day, whether you’re a senior in high school or a senior in college. Congrats to the Class of 2014!


LULUS Exclusive Band and Deliver Beige and Ivory Dress, $40

Save the Last Dance Neon Coral Dress, $39

BB Dakota Basha Cream Floral Print Dress, $79

Theme Song Navy Blue and Ivory Dress, $47


Colorblock High-Low Dress, $64.90

Strapless Organza Dress, $59.90

Bustier Dress in Dot, $44.90

Miss Guided

Belena Nude Bardot Colourblock Dress, $34.95

Editha Cut Out Split Maxi Dress, $71.98


Desaree Nude Backless Puffball Mini Dress, $62.98

Elisa Strappy Floral Print Skater Dress, $44.98



ASOS Sweetheart Lace Mini Body-Conscious Dress, $47.04

ASOS Pastel Floral Deep Plunge Dress, $84.66

ASOS Maxi Dress in Floral Print, $94.07

ASOS Scallop Edge Skater Dress, $71.49

ASOS Lace Paneled Skater Dress, $75.26



Graduation Fashion

Hello lovely people! Lately I’ve been posting about fashion but only about celebrity fashion and designer gowns. It’s time for a change! I’m going to write about something that’s going to help YOU out … Graduation Fashion. I know I’m writing this post a little late for college students, since most college students graduate in early or mid may. However, this post would be beneficial to high school students! I know for a fact most high school students, especially in the tri-state area, don’t graduate until June. So with that, all you senior girls should read this! Especially if you have no clue as to what the hell you’re going to wear for graduation 🙂

So, we all the know the traditional color for graduation is white. Why? I have no idea. Perhaps because it’s summer and white is bright and lovely looking. But, I’m not only going to show you white dresses. I wore a black and white dress for my senior graduation. My friends wore pink, red, blue, yellow, etc .. so you can wear whatever color. You can break from the mold. If you love it, wear it! Keep in mind, you wanna look classy not trashy. You want to look beautiful but not overdone … you’re not going to the Grammy’s. Graduations are semi-formal events. Now, let’s see some dresses, shall we?

Fire Lace Skater Dress from Nordstrom, $54

Dee Elle Cross Back Skater Dress from Nordstrom, $50

En Creme Cap Sleeve Corkscrew Dress from Nordstrom, $78

Lulu’s Renaissance Court Lace Ivory Dress, $39

Hot Off The Precious White Dress at Lulu’s, $39

Lulu’s Exclusive Bateau-n Rouge Lavender Backless Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Leopard & Rose Print High-Low Dress, $29.80

Lulu’s Lovers’ Lane Peach and Ivory Lace, $40

Delia’s Scalloped Lace Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Cutout Back Lace Dress, $17.80

Lulu’s Mighty Aphrodite Dark Blue Dress, $41

Forever 21’s Sweetheart Hi-Low Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s The Power of Lovely Seafoam Dress, $41

Lulu’s Partner in Crime Peach Dress, $45

Forever 21’s Floral Lace High-Low Dress, $29.80

Lulu’s Three-sy Does It Navy Blue, Coral, and Cream Dress, $35

Forever 21’s Contrast Lace A-Line Dress, $27.80

Forever 21’s Lace Sheath Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s Bow-tiful Dreamer Backless Red Dress, $41

Lulu’s Hook, Line, and Sinker Black and White Striped Dress, $36

Forever 21’s Sweetheart Peplum Dress, $22.80

Lulu’s Lotus Dance Strapless Cream Embroidered Dress, $46

Forever 21’s Animal Print Shift Dress w/ Sash, $22.80

Lulu’s May I Have This Dance? Blush Pink Lace Dress, $45

Lulu’s Band of Forces Black Dress, $49

So there are my suggestions for you High School gals! I hope you liked them or at least have gotten inspired. Tip: If you like the dresses from Lulu’s they are currently having a sale on sale items until Memorial Day. You get 25% off sale items!

Stay Gold. Toodles 🙂

Must Have Mint!

Hello lovely people! Let’s talk fashion! Mint is a MUST HAVE in the spring! Everyone knows that and if you don’t you better check yourself bro! Just Kidding! haha. I’m just kidding but really lol … Mint is a MUST HAVE. I myself have invested in mint blouses & pants. I plan on buying some mint accessories very soon! yay!

If you want to go on a mint shopping spree, I suggest looking into Lulu’s or Charlotte Russe. They have a great selection of mint. They each have they’re own mint section on their websites. Lulu’s is a little better than Charlotte Russe’s selection, I must admit. Either way, go out there & get your mint on! Mint is in the rage right now! Don’t be out of the loop. Granted, fashion is subjective but mint is a gorgeous color for the spring!

I wasn’t going to make this a ranting post but what I AM going to do is share with you my favorite mint clothing items & tell you where to get em 😉

LULUS Exclusive Slow Dance Strapless Mint Maxi Dress, $71

Lulu’s Square Necessities Seafoam Green Top, $37

Lulu’s On Your Side Mint and Gold Watch, $23

Lulu’s Moves Like Jagger Mint Jeggings, $42




Weekly Fashion Faves

It’s about that time of the week. It’s FRIDAY! TGIF! The weather in Buffalo is pretty damn depressing & bipolar. It’s been raining for the past3 days and tomorrow it’ll be snowing BUT Monday it’s going to be 75 degrees? Yeah it’s pretty damn ridiculous. Anyway who wants to know about the weather when what you really want to know is about what are my favorite fashion items of the week?! Let’s do this.

Lulu’s V-sionary Black Top, $36

I’m in love with this top. I have no clue why but I just think it looks so attractive. Maybe it’s because the model looks great in it. But I love sheer tops that are long like this. I know it’s spring time and this shirt is black but whatever haha this simple shirt was calling my name & I just had to have it. I would wear this shirt with coral pants to bring out the spring time in this outfit even though it’s still freezing outside -_-.

Lulu’s Link Ahead Gold Watch, $22

I am a watch addict. I don’t buy them as often as I’d like because the financial situation of a college student isn’t all great haha. But I decided to treat myself to a new watch. My favorite watch style is boyfriend. I hate skinny, feminine watches. I like the big ones. Unfortunately, I have pretty small wrists so I always have to get some links taken out. Anyway, I love this watch and it’s a pretty reasonable price. Usually, the watches I buy range around $150-$300 but thank God Lulu’s sells cute watches so I won’t go bankrupt haha.

F21’s Lantern Sleeve Georgette Top, $24.80

This is a spring time shirt! I’m in love with the color. This shirt comes 2 colors Coral & Cream but in my opinion the Coral is definitely prettier. I plan to wear this as soon as it comes in the mail. I’m just in love with this top! I can’t stand how amazing this top looks.  This is definitely my favorite out of everything I’ve bought this week! A must buy if you’re into bright colors 🙂