Best Selena Makeup Tutorials

Hey, all. I figured that since the Mac Selena collection recently launched that I should share with you my favorite Selena-inspired makeup/hair looks on YouTube. I feel like these videos really captured her essence & look best.



Favorite Non-Matte Lipsticks

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 9.15.45 PM

Hey, dolls! I know matte lipsticks have been the trend, especially matte LIQUID lipsticks. I feel like everyone has come out with a matte liquid lipstick. Now even though they are gorgeous, they can be rough on the lips. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s suffered from dry lips due to overusing matte lipsticks. Sometimes your lips need a break! It’s not a crime.

I wanted  to share with you guys my favorite lipsticks that are soft, creamy, luscious, gorgeous and everything in between. These lipsticks and glosses are my go-to’s when my lips need some moisture.

From Left to Right:

MAC Verve is a great everyday color and it’s satin finish.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Peanut Brittle is a gorgeous nude shade.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Apple is great if you wanna be simple but add a pinch of sass.

Too Faced Melted Fig is a versatile pinky mauve.

Too Faced Melted Berry is my favorite spring color.

City Color Head Over Heels is just the warmer version of MAC Verve in my opinion, but I still give it recognition!:)

DSCI0116 2


Colourpop x Karrueche Collaboration

DSCI0039 2

Hey, dolls! I was debating whether or not I wanted to buy anything from Karrueche’s collection at Colourpop. However, after seeing some of the lip color swatches, I caved. Her collection includes 7 eyeshadows, 3 liquid lipsticks, 3 lippie stixs, and 1 eyeshadow collection. I didn’t want to go overboard and buy everything, so I simply bought 1 liquid lipstick in the shade Kae.

Before I even show you the swatch, I just wanted to share the cute little notes that come with your package if you order from Karrueche’s collection…


Okay now that I’m done flaunting my notes, let’s look at the swatch! 🙂

DSCI0033 When you first apply the color onto your skin, it looks like an orange-brown. I absolutely love this color. However, on the websites, it’s described as “a deep warm yellow-brown”. Either way, I love the color. As you can see, it’s the exact color in the tube. However, once dried, it becomes a basic brown color. It loses that gorgeous rustic color. That is what pisses me off! I was so baffled and disappointed. I’ve had liquid lipstick change slightly when completely dried, but NEVER like this! I just wish that it would stay like the color in the tube. I’m going to keep the lipstick only because it’s a different shade of brown than the ones I own. It’s still a bummer though and I can’t blame anyone. I figure I should’ve just looked into more swatches of the color before buying it.


NEW: Too Faced Melted Chocolate Liquid Lipsticks


Hey, dolls! This post is just gonna be me introducing 2 shades of the Too Faced Melted Chocolate Collection. I first saw these in a holiday video by Amanda Ensing and I knew I had to pick up some of them. Now, these aren’t brand spanking new but they recently started being available in-stores. Before, you can only get them online.



The two shades I ending up buying were Chocolate Honey and Chocolate Cherries. Chocolate Honey is a bit pinker in the photo, but when I apply it on my lips it’s a pretty nude color. Chocolate Cherries looks just like it’s pictured – a luxurious, deep burgundy. The other colors are Chocolate Milkshake, Metallic Chocolate Diamonds, Metallic Candy Bar, and Metallic Frozen Hot Chocolate.

Not only do these lipsticks last, they smell like chocolate! Also, a little goes a long way. I’m not a fan of glossy lipsticks, but Too Faced Melted will always be my exception! I definitely think there is a shade for everyone, even if there are only 6 colors. You can pick them up at Sephora for $21.


Yearly Favorites of 2015


Happy New Year! I know I have been going in and out of blogging, but the holidays and work had me on a new type of busy. However, this year I promise to be more consistent :). This is the first time I’m doing a yearly favorites post and I’m sure they’ll be more to come. I tried to add a product from every part of beauty and this is what I came out with. I honestly had to be realistic and think about things that I used constantly. Let’s just jump in, shall we?


  • Murad’s Skin Smoothing Polish is holy grail when it comes to exfoliating. The texture is so finely milled and gives you the squeaky clean feeling you’re dying for when you’ve been wearing makeup all day, every day.
  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation is top 3 in my high-end foundation collection. This baby lasts! It makes your skin look flawless. I’ve actual people compliment me on my complexion when I wear this. The finish is flawless. It doesn’t look cakey at all and just makes me feel simply godly. They also have a wide shade range.
  • KVD Lock-It Foundation is my second favorite when it comes to high-end foundation. The formula is on the thicker side, but the coverage is insane. I put this on and sometimes skip concealer and a little goes a long way.
  • Maybelline’s Fit Me Matte + Poreless is the best drugstore foundation I’ve come across since Revlon Colorstay. I haven’t found any drugstore foundation that I’ve loved just as much as Revlon’s Colorstay and this baby comes quite close. The coverage is medium and buildable. It feels great on my skin and I basically used every week since I bought it. I have probably 2 more uses out of it until I buy a new one.
  • LA Girl Pro Conceal is the best concealer out there for frugalistas. The coverage is amazing and so is the texture. The shade range is great as well.
  • NYX’s Dark Circle Concealer is amazing for color correcting. I use this on dark spots and dark circles and it makes a super huge difference.


  • Maybelline’s Lash Sensational Mascara is one of my holy grail mascaras from the drugstore. At first, I didn’t enjoy it but I found out how to work with it. Since then, I use it almost every day.
  • Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara is my favorite high-end mascara. The amount of volume this baby gives you is insane. I use it basically every day.
  • Billion Dollar Brows Brow Powder is the best powder I’ve used for brows. I just started using it a month ago but I had to include it. It definitely was a favorite.


  • Rosebud Salve has been around forever and for good reason. This is the only thing that moisturizes my lips instantly and keeps them moisturized for a long while.
  • Maybelline Touch of Spice is my favorite pinkish lip shade and I would use it every week for like half the year. It’s super soft yet matte.
  • Coloured Raine Cherry Blossom will always be my favorite red shade. This has been my go-to red shade since I bought it.
  • KVD Lolita was another one of my go-to’s this year. I mean I don’t think this shade needs much explanation. Everyone and their mother loved this shade in 2015.


  • Marc Jacobs Daisy was my go-to fragrance this year. That’s saying a lot since I own 10 different fragrances. It’s just delicious.

Kat Von D’s Lolita & Lolita II


Hey, dolls! So I just wanted to do a quick little swatch post of KVD’s Lolita and Lolita II. Supposedly, I have KVD’s “bad batch” or “second version” of Lolita. However, that can be debatable. The one I have

Supposedly, I have KVD’s “bad batch” or “second version” of Lolita. However, that can be debatable. The one I have is a deep mauve pink. I’ve been dying to get Lolita II because I love the terracotta color it has. Lately, I’ve been a fan of lip colors with an orange tint to it. I just got to have ’em all!!!

DSCI0060As you can see, Lolita and Lolita II are completely different! I can’t imagine how either of these colors will look the same on any skin tone. I love both of them. However, I don’t think I’ll ever love any color more than the original. I suggest if you like it, pick it up! KVD liquid lipsticks tend to go fast!


Hit or Miss: LA Splash Smitten LipTint Mousse

Hey, babes. So, I’m basically on a mission to try every brand of liquid lipstick there is. Why? Because liquid lipsticks are amazing. So far, I got some NYX, Kat Von D, Ofra, Dose of Colors, LimeCrime, Coloured Raine, and Colourpop. It was time to add a new brand to the mix and I decided why not LA Splash? I’ve heard a couple of things about their liquid lipsticks, but of course I had to come up with my own opinion so here we go…

I picked up the color Raven, which is a deep burgundy shade. I absolutely love the color and I think it’s the perfect vampy shade. The formula is interesting, I’ve never quite felt anything like it before. I’ve tried creamy and liquidy matte lipsticks, but this one is more gel like. Does that make any sense? Haha. It feels like hair gel, but definitely not as thick. That’s probably what they meant when they put “mousse” in the name. It’s not a bad feeling, just different. This lipstick is super pigmented as well. Another thing that I like is that it has the same paddle brush applicator, which is my favorite. I feel like paddle brushes apply product easier. Also, this baby will LAST! It can be a pain in the ass to take off. So, be careful when applying and make sure that’s the lip color you want haha. The only downside is this is probably the most drying liquid lipstick I’ve ever tried. Luckily for me, that’s not enough for me to hate it. If you’re sensitive to that, you may not like that. Otherwise, I really enjoy it. They’re not too expensive either. I think $14 is a reasonable price point.