Beyoncé x #LEMONADE


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Hey, dears! Let us just get right into it because you guys all know that I’m a Beyoncé stan. I am definitely a member of the Beyhive. So it’s no surprise that I’m about to talk about #LEMONADE. Now in case you live in a box with no access to the outside world, let me tell you what the hell #LEMONADE is. It is the SECOND visual album that Beyonce dropped out of nowhere. This woman knows how to make headlines! But again, no surprise.

At first, the album was only available via Tidal. Now, it’s available on iTunes and Amazon.  However, people have been sharing the whole thing via social media, specifically Facebook. When I mean the whole thing, I mean the VISUAL part. Now, if you want the tracks you may wanna check out Tidal, iTunes, Amazon… or some other sneaky method if you have one.

A big difference between her 2 visual albums is the layout and content. As oppose to “Beyonce” album, “Lemonade” is a whole story in one basically. It flows from one song to another into an hour long masterpiece. Also, this new album is basically about infidelity. There are some other topics hidden in the story, such as Black power and women power, but it’s mainly about infidelity. The stages of it. The emotions. The roller coaster. The best thing is that it’s all coming from a woman’s standpoint which makes it super relatable. Let’s be honest, every woman has been heartbroken so they’ll be able to relate to this album. Whether it’s a song or the whole album, it’s relatable.

I would honestly have to say this is probably the most artistic album Beyonce has ever done. Her last one was pretty creative but this one had deeper meaning all across the board! So if you want to be stimulated mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, WATCH IT. I’ve shared it on my Facebook so go take a look!



Fuller House Season Premiere


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Hey, friends :). This past Friday was the season premiere of Fuller House – the sequel series of Full House. The premise of the show is basically the same as the original series with a few tweaks in it. As someone who absolutely loves 80-90’s TV, it was a guarantee that I was going to see if this spin-off holds a candle in the wind to my dear Full House.

Season 1 includes 13 episodes that are about 35-40 mins long. There has been a mixture of thoughts on the series, but most were negative. However, I finished the entire season in 2 days. Why? Because the show is actually pretty damn good. I won’t say that it’s better than the original because it’s not. However, I will say that it’s not the worst show on earth and I wasn’t left disappointed. I actually enjoyed watching it which is why I went through it quite quickly. I will say that the show is more PG-13 ish than Full House which stayed in the PG lane. As far as characters go, my favorites are Max (the middle child) and Stephanie. It’s pretty ironic because Stephanie – the middle child in Full House – was my favorite growing up and so was Uncle Jesse. Then again, Uncle Jesse is probably everyone’s favorite ;). I’m sure everyone knows that Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t in the series. However, there are a few references made towards Michelle’s character in the show. To be honest, I think the show is fine with or without them.

Anyway, I definitely would recommend the show to anyone who wants to take a little stroll down memory lane. The first episode will undoubtedly give you some serious nostalgia. Check it out on Netflix.


Best & Worst Dressed: The Oscars 2016

Hello, dears! That magical time is upon us once again. It’s time for me to share who made the cut on my best-dressed list and who landed themselves on my worst-dressed list. Here we go…

Best Dressed


Rachel McAdams (via usmagazine.com)

I am in LOVE with this shade of green which is probably why I’m in love with this look. The dress isn’t fancy, but the slit, train, and color make it stunning! This is definitely my favorite look from last night.



Margot Robbie (via usmagazine.com)

Margot Robbie was a golden goddess last night. She reminded you of an actual Oscar. Point blank.



Chrissy Teigen (via usmagazine.com)

There are very few times that Chrissy Teigen misses the mark on the red carpet. She’s been on my best-dressed list plenty of times. Therefore, I didn’t expect any less during her pregnancy. I love red and nude together and the fit is perfect on her. Gorgeous!



Charlize Theron (via usmagazine.com)

Charlize Theron is another MVP on my best-dressed lists. She’s been on them quite frequently. Charlize just knows how to do sexy and very well might I add.



Jennifer Lawrence (via usmagazine.com)

Not only am I fan of red and nude, but there is truly nothing like black and nude paired together. J.Law made me love the combo even more when she stepped out on the red carpet in this beauty.



Priyanka Chopra (via usmagazine.com)

This look speaks for its damn self! It’s gorgeous. It’s stunning. It’s elegant. It’s everything.


Worst Dressed


Heidi Klum (via usmagazine.com)

For someone who has been in fashion for a while, Heidi Klum just disappoints me! I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the sleeve was gone. The sleeve just makes the whole ensemble look wrong on her. This is just not for you, Heidi.



Cate Blanchett (via usmagazine.com)

If you guys have been subscribed to me for a while, you know I despise things that are too busy. The color is very pretty, but all these flowers popping out aren’t for me. Flowers on the bodice area alone would’ve been sufficient in my opinion.



Alicia Vikander (via usmagazine.com)

I saw a lot of people compare this look to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, the sequins make the gown look kinda cheap. So, this was a miss in my book.



Brie Larson (via usmagazine.com)

I don’t know what it is exactly, but this dress looks flimsy to me. It looks cheap and probably more so because of the belt. I feel like it’s something a teen on a low budget would buy for prom. Then again, that’s just me!



Whoopi Goldberg (via usmagazine.com)

Whoopi. Come on, man! This gown is DEFINITELY not for her. She could’ve done so much better, but she chose not to. This dress makes her look really uncomfortable.










10 Favorite Celebrity Biopics

Hey, babes! Lately, I’ve been watching a ton of celebrity biopics. I guess I’m going through a phase, haha. Anywho, I wanted to share with guys my favorite celebrity biopics. When I say celebrity this doesn’t include people in history, politics, or books. I mean people who either sang and/or acted in their lifetimes. So, let’s get this party started!

  1. Selena If you’ve been subscribed to me for a while, you’d know that Selena is my idol. It is no surprise that she is gonna be my #1 on this list. Jennifer Lopez kicked ass in this film and let’s be real… a lot of her success is contributed to this biopic.

  2. The Jacksons: An American Dream I love me some Michael Jackson so this biopic had to make the list. I can watch this movie over and over and over!

  3. What’s Love Got To Do With It The story of Tina Turner is amazing, heartbreaking, and inspirational. This is another story that I can watch countless times and never get bored. Angela Bassett was amazing to the point that I would sometimes forget that I was watching a movie.


  4. Ray was a biopic that had me in tears, along with a few others that I include in this list. Jamie Foxx did a phenomenal job in capturing Ray Charles’ spirit.


  5. Elvis kind of fascinated me. I was always trying to figure out what was the obsession with him and this biopic kind of allowed me to understand it better.


  6. La Bamba was a great biopic that kind of reminds me of Selena. I’d still pick Selena first, though, haha! However, the themes are kind of similar like the whole growing up humble, achieving success, then having it cut short thing. The ending will definitely pull at your heart strings.


  7. Notorious was one of those biopics that everyone was talking about when it hit theaters. Everyone in my high school and neighborhood was talking about it. I don’t blame them because it was pretty damn good.


  8. Walk the Line brought me to tears and the crazy thing is I never paid much attention to Johnny Cash. My parents made me watch it with them and it touched my heart.


  9. Great Balls of Fire! was pure comedy, which is why I loved it. It definitely had some drama in it but for the most part, I was left laughing. I never saw Dennis Quaid the same after watching this movie.


  10. Toni Braxton: Unbreak My Heart is a biopic that I recently fell in love with. I love me some Toni Braxton and I’m so glad she decided to do a biopic because I know she likes to keep things a little low key.




Best & Worst Dressed: The Grammy’s 2016

Hey, all! I know I’m a little late with this post because I usually have something up before 2pm. However, your girl has been busy but here we go!

Best Dressed


Bella Hadid (via popsugar.com)

Sleek and sexy – Bella Hadid slayed her red carpet look. She looked stunning.



Demi Lovato (via popsugar.com)

I’m definitely down for this blazer/dress thing she got going on. Let me not forget to mention that she KILLED IT on stage with her Lionel Richie tribute.



Chrissy Teigen (via eonline)

Chrissy was a vision in white with her baby bump and pregnancy glow to match.



Ellie Goulding (via formulatv.com)

Ellie was a BEAUTY! Her look was soft yet gorgeous.



Serayah (via glamour.com)

I’m just in love with this color which is probably why I love the gown so much.



Worst Dressed


Joy Villa (via eonline.com)

I hated her construction net look last year and I hate her look this year.


Tove Lo (via usmagazine.com)

Something is off about this for me. Maybe it’s the lace in the mid-drift area but I don’t know. It’s not my favorite.


Janelle Monae (via usmagazine.com

I would’ve been down for the whole look if it wasn’t for the skirt.


Dencia (via eonline.com)

I’m pretty sure she’s been on my worst dressed before. I’m all down for uniqueness but IT’S THE GRAMMY’S. Come on.



Let’s Get Real: Beyonce’s #Formation Music Video



(via billboard.com)

Hey, all. So this post is going to get real candid and real blunt. If you have a pulse, you know that Beyonce recently released her new music video “Formation” and also performed it at the Super Bowl. However, there’s been tons of controversy about it. I wasn’t going to say anything, but as someone who is a minority, I feel like I might as well. So here we go…

First off, let me tell you what this video is about for some of you who are unsure. This video basically addresses Beyonce haters, Black power, and women power. The lyrics are plain as day. She doesn’t give a sh** about what people think about her daughter’s hair or her man’s nose. She also thinks it’s hella corny how everyone thinks the Illuminati is why she’s so successful. She also reminds us that although she is Beyonce, she is still county and African American and is F*CKING PROUD OF IT and everyone in the African American community should get in line (#formation) and be just as proud. It also addresses some of the unjust violence against African-Americans. This video is literally a visual anthem to her people aka African Americans.

So why are people upset? From what I gathered, people think that she’s ignorant and she shouldn’t be racism. To be real, most of these critics are everything BUT African-American. Since when is it wrong for a person to be proud of their culture, their heritage, their nationality??? Let me tell you something… IT’S NOT. Some went as far to say she’s promoting violence towards police. WHAT. THE. F*CK. No one was killed or threatened in that video. The only violence she’s addressing is the violence against African Americans, which happens whether there’s a music video on it or not. Is her video promoting hate or violence towards another race? Nope. What it is promoting are pride and awareness. If Jennifer Lopez released a video about being proud to be Latina, would there be this much controversy?

The fact of the matter is racism exists and it’s real. YOU may not be a racist but there are plenty of people who are, whether they’re hiding it or not. If you don’t think racism exists but you’re offended by someone else showing pride towards their own race, then you need to reevaluate your life. There is nothing wrong with showing pride and addressing real-life issues in your music. This music video does NOT need your validation. Point Blank.


Thoughts on Degrassi: Next Class


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Hey, all! So, let me just say that I was pretty shocked to see Degrassi: Next Class on my Netflix feed. Why? Because I had no idea Degrassi was going to continue period. I thought the end was THE END. Apparently, the creators just came up with a new brand of Degrassi that caters to Generation Z aka the teens of today. Also, most of the cast is from the last season of The Next Generation. Needless to say, I obviously had to watch and see how it compares to Degrassi: The Next Generation.

To be honest, the show isn’t bad. It’s actually quite funny because it reminds me of my teen years. I’m not that old, though. I’m only 23, but the episodes remind me of the petty things that I used to care about in high school. It does touch on some real issues like all Degrassi episodes. I think it’s a pretty good shows for the teens of today. However, I definitely wouldn’t watch it on a regular basis seeing as high school was 6 years ago for me. It doesn’t keep be glued to the laptop like Grey’s Anatomy or How To Get Away With Murder. But like I said, it’s a good show overall for the teens of today.