Thanksgiving Outfit Ideas

Hey, darlings! Thanksgiving is a little over a week away and I know some of us like to plan ahead and figure out what we’re gonna wear. I sure as hell plan my holiday outfits days, sometimes weeks, in advance. So, I wanted to give you guys some ideas of what you can wear this year for the Thanksgiving holiday. The looks range from super casual to more glam.

For those of you who don’t do anything really special for Thanksgiving, I introduce to you the casual Thanksgiving outfit. This is also perfect for those of you who are just more laid back even if you may be doing something special. A basic shirt with ripped skinny jeans, a scarf, converse, and bomber jacket are casual yet put together. It’s better than wearing sweats and mocassins, haha.

This is usually my go-to for Thanksgiving. This is more semi-casual because you can pair these with booties or even heels to make this fancier. This outfit is perfect if you’re going to a relative’s house or even hosting at your own house. It’s pretty put together but not to the point where people think you’re going to a formal event.

This outfit is one of my favorites! I think this is ideal if you are spending Thanksgiving at a friend’s house or at significant other’s house for the first time. It makes a super great first impression. It’s very put together, but once again not too formal. You can even wear this with flats to make it a smidge more casual.

Sometimes, you gotta go all out and I think this outfit is perfect for the occasion. If you don’t want to do a dress, you can feel free to do a skirt and blouse. This is ideal for those of you who go all out on Thanksgiving aka Thanksgiving is your holiday, haha. For me, this is as dressy as I would ever get for Thanksgiving. Anything for dressy than this would be too formal. We’re not going to a wedding, here. ūüôā

I hope this gave you guys some inspiration!



#BuisnessWomenConnect: Pop Up Shop Event

Hey, babies! Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the #BuisnessWomenConnect Pop Up Shop event. The event was created by 4 enterprising women, Nora, Lulu, Skye, and Lydia Stylez, to showcase their talents and businesses. It was also a great opportunity to meet fellow business minded women and shop at the same time. Who doesn’t love to do that? ūüôā

Fashion Means Freedom is an online women’s¬†boutique founded by a good friend of mine, Nora Laboy. Nora is the passionista who the definition¬†of a fashionista and you can clearly tell by her sense of style ;). The boutique went live in July and sells stylish tops and dresses at super affordable prices! To stay updated on sales, news, and upcoming styles, be sure to subscribe at http://www.fashionmeansfreedom.com ūüôā

Lydia is stylist and color specialist at the Paul Lebrecque Salon Spa in the Upper East Side of NYC. She was hooking ladies up at the event and getting their hair laid :). The woman has got talent! She was also gracious enough to provide a 20% discount on her services lalong with her business card. Go check her out on Instagram @lydiastylez. I’ll definitely be going to her to dye my hair blue black ‚ô•! I can’t wait!

Lulu and Skye are a sister-duo that own their own online jewelry boutique. They sell a wide variety of unique jewelry pieces such as brooches, rings, necklaces, stacks, and body jewelry. Their designs are bold, colorful, and affordable. Check them out @luluskyeshop on Instagram and at www.storenvy.com/stores/609264-luluskye.


Discovering Your Personal Style

(via pinterest)

Yves Saint Laurent knew exactly what he was talking about when he said the quote above, Fashion trends are always changing and fashion will always be subjective. However, your personal style will last forever because it reflects your personality. The question is how do you find your personal style?¬†Not too long ago, I was on the journey of figuring out what my personal style was. Now, I’m just finessing it. I’m going to share with you some tips on how to figure out your personal style and where to start when you have no clue!

  1. Find Inspiration:¬†Inspiration is literally everywhere. You can find it in a magazine, on a blog, on the TV, from a celebrity, from¬†a family member, from a friend, etc. You can stumble upon it anywhere! When you find your inspiration, come up with a few words to why you’re inspired. My inspiration was found via 4 sources: the blog Vanilla Extract (Nichole Ciotti), Adrienne Bailon, Zoe Saldana, and Jennifer Lopez. These 4 women give me outfit envy 98% of the time. Adrienne Bailon and Jennifer Lopez give me classic, glam bombshell. Zoe Saldana and Nichole Ciotti give me classic, casual chic. Ultimately,¬†I would describe my hybrid style as classic,¬†bombshell¬†chic.

  2. Take a Look in Your Closet:¬†Try to figure if there are any patterns. Do you find a lot of bold colors? Do you find bold patterns and textures? Are there¬†more neutral toned colors? Are your clothes more minimalistic or glam? The questions can go on and on. I figured out pretty early in my high school years that I detest¬†bright shades of pink. I also don’t wear pastels unless it’s peach toned. I’ve literally worn the color mint ONCE and that’s only because my mom bought me a mint top (bleh). I also realize that I only wear bold colors if they’re paired with an earthy, neutral color. You won’t ever find me in orange and yellow together, without some neutral tone in there. Orange and beige? Sure. Yellow and white? Why not? Almost everything in my closet are shades of black, grey, white, red, brown, and blue. I’m not fond of crazy patterns either – they have to be subtle.

  3. Find Your Fit:¬†Do you like clothes that hug and accentuate your figure? Would you prefer flowy, baggy clothing? Remember sometimes this can change depending on circumstance but for the most part it’s consistent. When’s the last time the Olsen twins wore something that hugs their body? Exactly. When’s the last time Nicki Minaj wore something oversized or baggy? You get my point. Personally, I need something that accentuates my pear shaped figure. You’ll find plenty of pencil skirts, high waisted jeans, low cut tops, button down shirts, midi dresses, and jumpsuits in my wardrobe. However, I do¬†own 3 oversized shirts because they are highly comfortable and I love the way they look with boyfriend jeans ūüôā

  4. Figure Out Your Go-To¬†Stores:¬†What is the first store you go when you’re at the mall? What are the first 5 stores? Those stores are obviously your go-to stores when it comes to your style. What sector of style do they fall into? Glam? Chic? Vintage? Boho? Preppy? Every store has a theme. You won’t find the same clothes that you find at Zara¬†at Free People – those are clearly opposites. My go-to chain stores are H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Bebe, and Express. Your favorite stores are usually related to each other style wise. However, you can dibble dabble in a few different themes. For instance, while 95%¬†of my closet sticks to my “classic, bombshell chic” style personality, I do have a few boho and urban pieces.

  5. Confidence & Comfort: Whatever style niche you fall into, make sure you’re 100% confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. If Ariana Grande is wearing a skin tight dress but those aren’t your thing, then DON’T WEAR IT. If 5 inch heels make you wanna rip your feet off, then stick to 3 inch heels. Just because you admire someone doesn’t mean that what suits them suits you. Hence, why I said that 98% of the time my style icons give me outfit envy. There is that 2% where I may not like what they’re wearing. Heck, J.Lo and Zoe Saldana have both been on my worst dressed list before. It happens, but it’s not a huge deal. Inspiration doesn’t mean imitation. You don’t have to wear exactly what you’re style icon wears. They’re just meant to inspire. Put your own personal touches and spins on your outfits.

Always, always, always remember that fashion¬†is subjective! What may work for you may not work for your best friend, your mom, your brother, your neighbor, etc. Just do you boo boo and feel confident doing it! That’s really all that matters.


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Best & Worst Dressed: Met Gala 2015

I know it’s a bit late in the day but better late than never. This blog was in need of a red carpet fashion post so here it is. Last night’s Met Gala was themed China: Through the Looking Glass.¬†Just a disclaimer, I didn’t like much of the fashion at the Met Gala this year. I was left unimpressed and disappointed. So, let’s just start…

Best Dressed

Siena Miller (via hollywoodreporter.com)

This outfit doesn’t make me say “Oh my God!”, “Stunning.”, “Gorgeous”, etc but it does leave me saying “Unique” in a good way. Plus, I see the Chinese theme.

Beyonce (via hollywoodreporter.com)

I love me some Queen Bey. Although I think she looks gorgeous in this outfit, I expected more.¬†Mesh with jewels isn’t going to “wow” me, especially when it’s Beyonce! But she did look gorgeous last night. So needless to say, she’s one of the best dressed. I do hate that hair though!

Rihanna (via mtv,com)

Rihanna pulled this off seamlessly! Why? This outfit is¬†“out there” to the point where I don’t understand it but I love it. Again though, I’m not a fan of the hair.

Lizzy Caplan (via laineygossip.com)

I absolutely love everything about this! Everything.

Keri Russell (via usmagazine.com)

I love the color and I love that the dress looks scaly. It gives me the dangerous mermaid/bird hybrid vibe. It’s gorgeous.

Worst Dressed

Let me start off by saying, I couldn’t narrow this down to 6 or less so I’m just gonna group them. Here we go…


Solange – What? It IS unique but just too confusing.

Chloe Sevigny – Good try at trying to emulate the theme but it’s not good.

Elizabeth Banks – It’s the red carpet. It’s the MET GALA. It’s themed. Get with it. That dress is beyond basic.

Irina Shayk – It reminds me of something a 90s girl would wear to prom.

 Anne Hathaway РBasic and I know she can do better.

Katy Perry – Team too much.

Kim K – That gown does nothing for her but makes her shoulders look to wide. When I look at it, I think “armor”.

Chloe Grace Moretz – Again, can we at least try. That dress is not cute nor close to the theme.

Best & Worst Dressed: VMAs 2014

Last night’s VMAs was probably the best award show I’ve seen all year. I actually watched it the whole way through, but let’s talk about the FASHION!

Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez (via Buzzfeed)

Let’s be honest, when does J.lo NOT SLAY?… I’m still waiting for an answer…

Nina Dobrev (via Buzzfeed)

I literally want to steal that dress! She looks absolutely PREFECT in it. It’s probably one of my fave looks on her.

Kylie Jenner (via Tumblr)

Kylie’s style was always be my favorite style, after Kim K of course. She has grown up & it’s looking hot but classy!

Rita Ora (via thefashionspot.com)

She’s giving me some modern day Marilyn Monroe.

Kim Kardashian (via eonline)

¬†At first, I didn’t get it. It grew on me and that plunging neckline – oof!

Worst Dressed

Taylor Swift (via Buzzfeed)

I don’t get it and I don’t want to.

Katy Perry (via usmagazine)

Can I just say I’m HIGHLY disappointed that she won Best Female Video?! Stop trying to emulate Britney Spears, Katy. It’s not working.

Chloe Grace Moretz (via Buzzfeed)

I kind of understand what she was trying to do but she’s too modest and not edgy enough for summer and for the VMAS! This combo is awful.

Charlic XCX (via sheknows)

What the hell? Come on nowwwwwww.

Let’s face it though, no one looked better than Queen Bey on stage ūüėČ


Season Trend: Little White Dresses

Hello all! It’s time for a fashion post. It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these. I’ve been doing the usual best & worst dressed but it’s time to do something different! So here we go …

Now I’m sure most of you have heard of LBD aka “Little Black Dress”. Every woman should have one if not a few LBDs in their closet. It’s classic! However, the summer trend right now is the LWD aka “Little White Dress”. LWDs have been seen virtually everywhere! They’ve been on the red carpet and runway, as well was magazines, television, and blogs.

The great thing about LWDs and LBDs is that you can accessorize them endlessly! Plus, they are extremely easy to come across. The question is… what kind of LWD is right for you? Well, that all depends on personal preference! I have a couple of LWDs stashed in my closet. Most of them are lace and one or two are bodycon. But if you like all styles of LWDs, then hey go all out! Like I said you can dress it up or dress it down however you like. Here are some examples of casual LWDS …

  1. Airy Important Person Ivory Lace Dress, $46 – lulus.com
  2. Sunny Daze Crochet Dress, $17.80 – forever21.com
  3. Billabong Sand Kisses Embroidered White Maxi Dress, $69.50 – lulus.com


If you’re looking for some more dressier options, here are some examples…

  1. Make Way for Wonderful Ivory Lace Maxi Dress, $77 – lulus.com
  2. Space Lace Dress, $62 – tobi.com
  3. Let’s Run Away Ivory Dress, $44 – lulus.com

So you can clearly see that LWDs can be worn for pretty much anything. Most LWDs that I’ve seen have lace and are maxi or skater style. However, there are plenty of other options. If you don’t know where to start, go on polyvore! You’re guaranteed to find something. Not a fan of online shopping? Forever 21 has TONS of LWDs. Get to shopping girl!



Graduation Fashion 2.0

Hello lovelies! Graduation is right around the corner! My graduation is in 19 days … yes I’ve been counting. Only 19 days until I’m pushed into the real world. Anyway, I’ve noticed that people have been looking at my graduation fashion post from last year & it’s time to update you guys! I’m gonna let you in on the stores that I think have some cute options for graduation day, whether you’re a senior in high school or a senior in college. Congrats to the Class of 2014!


LULUS Exclusive Band and Deliver Beige and Ivory Dress, $40

Save the Last Dance Neon Coral Dress, $39

BB Dakota Basha Cream Floral Print Dress, $79

Theme Song Navy Blue and Ivory Dress, $47


Colorblock High-Low Dress, $64.90

Strapless Organza Dress, $59.90

Bustier Dress in Dot, $44.90

Miss Guided

Belena Nude Bardot Colourblock Dress, $34.95

Editha Cut Out Split Maxi Dress, $71.98


Desaree Nude Backless Puffball Mini Dress, $62.98

Elisa Strappy Floral Print Skater Dress, $44.98



ASOS Sweetheart Lace Mini Body-Conscious Dress, $47.04

ASOS Pastel Floral Deep Plunge Dress, $84.66

ASOS Maxi Dress in Floral Print, $94.07

ASOS Scallop Edge Skater Dress, $71.49

ASOS Lace Paneled Skater Dress, $75.26