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Hit or Miss: City Color Cosmetics Perfecting Palette


Hey, babes! I’m going to give you guys a little break from hair product reviews. Let’s get back to makeup!

Color correcting has been all the rave lately. It’s being showcased everywhere -YouTube, Instagram, Sephora, etc. Usually, I only use peach and orange to color correct because my main issue is dark circles and dark spots. However, I realize that I have some red veins on my nose area which calls for a green corrector. I was looking for a decent palette that had the shades I need and then I came across this gem. City Color Cosmetics sells a few color correcting palettes at super affordable prices. I decided to pick up this one because of the color selection. The 2 concealers are perfect for my skin tone and the color correcting shades meet my needs.

 I’ve been using this palette for about a month now and I have no complaints. The consistency is creamy and the pigmentation is great. A little goes a long way. If you put too much, it’ll be a pain to blend your foundation over it. I use the green for my red veins and he peach for my dark spots and circles. I haven’t used the yellow yet but yellow is very versatile for correcting – it’s great for brightening. I use the other 2 concealers for cleaning up the brow area. Overall, this palette is great for someone who’s just beginning to color correct and/or doesn’t have much color correcting to do. You can get it at the City Color Cosmetics website for $6!



Hit or Miss: Exuviance Pigment Lifting Masque


Hey, dears! Today I’ll be talking about another product sent to me via BrandBacker. As you may know, I have hyperpigmentation so I was super excited to use these babies. Here are my thoughts.

These masks have NeoGlucosamine which break up dark spots. They also have Vitamin C which amps up the brightening process. I’ve used this product 3 times. On the package, it says to use it 1-2x weekly. You basically just apply the masque onto your face after cleansing and leave it on for 10 mins. The mask has holes for your eyes, nose, and face. When I first used it, it felt sort of awkward. I’ve never used an actual mask made out of cloth material on my face. I was kind of worried it was going to fall off, but it stood put. When I removed it, I massaged the excess product into my skin and continued my normal skincare routine.

After the first use, I did notice my skin seemed brighter however I have also noticed I’ve been breaking out like crazy. Now, I’m not blaming the mask but I’m not NOT blaming it. My breakouts can be due to stress, makeup wear, etc, but nevertheless, it has been breaking out. I still used it 2 more times and noticed some great things. Even though I was breaking out, the acne scars were super light! I enjoy this product and another bonus is that it makes your skin super soft. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who suffers from dark spots. It’s definitely worth the $65.

This post is sponsored by BrandBacker. All opinions are my own.


Hit or Miss: NYX’s Dark Circle Concealer


Hey, darlings! A little over a week ago, I spoke about color correcting. That topic inspired me to do some color correcting of my own.

I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. For my tan skin tone, orange based concealers work best. So, I decided to pick up an orange based concealer at Ulta. I’ve seen some great reviews about NYX’s Dark Circle Concealer and I decided to try it out. I picked up the deepest shade of orange because the others seemed a smidge too light.


The way I used this product is after I apply primer, I dab some on my dark spots and dark circles. Then I go over it with foundation and proceed to do my full face routine. I honestly think that this concealer definitely made concealing my dark spots easier and more effective. They are definitely less noticeable when I take this extra step. The consistency of the this concealer is great and a little goes a long way. For the price of $5.99, this product is pretty good. It’s definitely a HIT and I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting to color correct.


Color Correcting Concealers 101

Hey, dolls! Not all of us are blessed with the ability to use basic concealers. Some of us have to put some extra effort to conceal problem areas. That is where color correcting comes in handy! The real question is: what color do you need to correct your problem areas? It all really depends on what skin issues you have, as well as your skin tone. So, let’s take a trip back to art class.

(via hgtv.com)

If you remember anything from art class, you’d know that colors across each other cancel each other out. For example, green cancels out red. This is what color correcting is based on. However, some correctors can’t be explained by just using the color wheel. Now, let’s talk about the different shades of color correcting concealers.

Green concealers are perfect for redness in the skin. If you have an inflamed pimple, this is the way to go. If your skin is full of redness due to sunburn, a rash, or rosacea, green based primers are perfect for that.

Salmon concealers may look pink, but they aren’t really because they have a mixture of orange, red, and yellow hues. These are best with people who are fair skinned and need to brighten their face. If you look tired or suffer from dull skin, this is for you. It’s great for dark circles on fair skin.

As you can see from the color wheel, yellow cancels out purple. So you can safely assume, yellow concealers are great for hiding bruises, veins, and under eye circles. Yellow is also a great brightening color for olive and tan skin tones. It gives an all over brightening effect. Yellow is usually a go-to color when it comes to color correction, but I wouldn’t recommend it for fair toned skin.

Orange concealer are my jam! These concealers are perfect for tan to deep skin tones. They hide dark spots, dark circles, acne scars, and freckles really well. If your skin is on the tanner/darker side, definitely go for an orange concealer. Orange is across light blue on the color wheel, which I know doesn’t make sense. However, it does when you think about dark circles. They still have a blue tinge but doesn’t appear as blue on deeper skin tones.

Lavender concealers aren’t the most popular. I don’t see them used very often, but they are great for eliminating yellow undertones. You can use a lavender based primer on your face for an overall brightening effect.

I hope this helped you guys gain more insight on how to fully correct and conceal skin issues to your best ability :)!


Get That Glow: Personal Microdermabrasion

Hey darlings! Let’s just jump right in to this topic, shall we? Who has hyperpigmentation? *raises hand* Who has dull complexion? *raises hand* Who has large pores? *raises hand* Who suffers from acne? *raises hand* Who suffers from wrinkles? Who suffers from ANY SKIN RELATED PROBLEMS? If you’re like most of the population, let me introduce you to the PMD aka the Personal Microdermabrasion system.

What is microdermabrasion? Microdermabrasion is a procedure where tiny crystals are used to buff away the dry, dead skin off the surface layer of your skin. It promotes cell renewal and reveals healthier, younger looking skin. Also, since it’s removing the gunk from the outmost layer of your skin, your skincare products will be able to penetrate your skin SO MUCH BETTER. 

I first heard about this product 2 years ago when I was watching Amanda Ensing’s video on it. However, that price tag was intense and I was a broke ass college student. Let’s just keep it real haha. I obviously had to put it on the back burner. Two years later, more and more people on YouTube were talking about it and I finally decided to buy it. Keep in mind, a single treatment of microdermabrasion can be a bit pricy. In NYC, prices range from $50-$150 per session. The PMD is $159 but I was lucky enough get a coupon code from Raschelle aka MsRoshPosh on YT for 15% off. So, I only paid $135.The PMD kit comes with the device itself, 2 caps (1 for body, 1 for face), 1 training disc (the white one), 4 sensitive skin, blue discs (2 for face, 2 for body), 2 normal skin, green discs (1 for face, 1 for body), and of course the plug.

 When I got it, I wanted to use it immediately! I saw so many tutorials on it, so I decided to jump right in. I even skipped the video that came with the package – rebellious, I know. I just tested it on my arm with the white training disc for about 10 seconds and decided I knew how to use it.

The first time I used it, I don’t think I was doing it right because I didn’t notice any difference. The product itself doesn’t claim difference after one use but plenty of reviews that I read were claiming magical things. The only thing I noticed was that was skin was pretty damn soft. The next morning, my skin didn’t seem much different. However, after the second and third treatment, I was floored. The hyperpigmentation on my skin was noticeably fading, especially on my chin which is where I’m prone to scars and acne. I also had a pimple coming in and when I used the PMD, it was flat the next morning – literally. My family has even noticed a difference in my skin to the point that they want me to use it on them. I personally use the device once a week. I know some people who say they do it twice a week but I’m not brave enough to do that. It’s my face we’re talking about here lol. I don’t want to cause any issues I can’t come back from haha.

Here are some tips:

  • Prior to using the PMD, wash your face and make sure it’s 100% dry. Otherwise, it’ll be hard to move the PMD on your skin if it’s clammy or damp.
  • Hold your skin taut when using the device.
  • Make sure the device is always moving NEVER let it hover in one spot. You will burn your skin. I was a millisecond away from doing this. Thankfully nothing happened but just a bit of redness.
  • If your skin does get a bit red after you try it, DON’T BE ALARMED. That’s your blood coming up to the skin’s surface because the device sucks at your skin.
  • Follow up with a toner and moisturizer, of course.
  • Start off with the sensitive disc. When you’re comfortable, move on to the normal discs or you can even buy more abrasive discs if you don’t think the normal discs will do it for you.
  • Make sure you clean the discs and filter after use. I use rubbing alcohol for the discs and warm water for the filter.

I can 100% honestly say that this product has been changing my skin. If you’re consistent, I know you’ll reach the skin that you’ve always desired. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not seeing results after 2 weeks. I’d give it a month because everyone’s skin is different. But I promise you that you’ll get that glow soon enough!

If you want to see a demo, check out MsRoshPosh’s video.


All About SPF

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Hey darlings! I wanted to do a skin related post and with the summer rays coming through, why not talk about sun protection? Yes, many of us love the sunshine but sun damage is no joke! It’s time to educate yourself on how to protect your skin because you only have one skin for the rest of your life. So let’s just jump in..

First off, what is SPF? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. The higher the SPF value of your sunscreen, the more protection you have against the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. Now, don’t think you can add up SPF values to enhance your protection. That’s not how it works. The highest value of sunscreen you put on you skin is the most you gonna get. Example: If you put on an SPF 10 moisturizer then a foundation with SPF 30. Your skin has the protection of SPF 30 NOT SPF 40. Now that we understand the basics of SPF, let’s hit on the key points of what SPF does for you and some tips on sun protection.

  • SPF 30 is the MINIMUM value of sunscreen you should have on your skin. Apply it LIBERALLY.
  • You need to apply every 2 hours even if the product is sweat proof/waterproof. I know fellow makeup lovers aren’t about to slather sunscreen on their perfectly done up face so dust some face powder with SPF in it to keep you protected! There is no excuse.
  • Sun exposure is linked to hyperpigmentation (dark spots) and freckles. Yes, it’s true. How did I find that out? Intense research on the topic. Even if you have dark spots due to acne, if you don’t protect your skin in the sun it can get worse. The same goes for freckles. Even if you have a few freckles from genetics, sun damage can cause a lot more freckles on the body and face.
  • Sun damage causes premature aging and wrinkles. So, stop being lazy and slather that sunscreen on.

At the end of the day, you need to protect your skin. If your skin is crappy, your makeup will look crappy. Nobody wants sun damage!


The Top 5: Concealers

Hey darlings! Let’s talk concealers!

Now, besides mascara and lipsticks, concealers are my favorite thing to buy! My dark circles aren’t outrageous but my blemishes can get ridiculous! So I’m always buying concealers to see which perform the best. I’m going to share the top 5 concealers that I always use. I don’t use all 5 on my face at once! I use 2 max BUT I like to switch things up depending on my mood or what I’m trying to conceal. So let’s get started…

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($29) – This stuff has become my go-to when I don’t want a full face and I just want to look presentable. The coverage is amazing! It doesn’t crease and it makes my skin look smooth. It covers up my blemishes flawlessly. I can’t get enough of this stuff!

Tarte Smooth Operator™ Amazonian Clay Waterproof Concealer ($22) – I did a review on this before but this stuff is NO JOKE! If you have horrible dark circles or hyperpigmentation, then this is your God send! On days when I get no sleep or when my dark spots are crazy, I pull this bad boy out and my face is FLAWLESS! The consistency is kind of think but SUPPPPERRR BLENDABLE! This concealer will last, and last, AND LAST.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer ($24) – This is my go-to when I want to brighten because I get it in NC42 and my foundation shade is NC44. So, it’s great for brightening and it does last pretty long. The coverage is pretty good nothing spectacular in my opinion. I would recommend it more for under eye circles.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Spot Concealer + Treatment ($10) – This is another concealer I personally prefer for dark circles however it does work okay for my dark spots. It’s really blendable and I did see a slight difference in the appearance of dark spots. If I used it more consistently maybe I would see more of a difference. Either way I think it’s a great concealer when you want to apply your makeup on the go. It doesn’t wear off either.

NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer ($5) – Talk about a bang for your buck! It last for a pretty good while and the coverage is great! Also, it’s very creamy so it blends like a dream. It also brightens. My only issue would be that it tends to crease after a while.

If you have any recommendations, leave them down below!