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Hit or Miss: City Color Cosmetics Perfecting Palette


Hey, babes! I’m going to give you guys a little break from hair product reviews. Let’s get back to makeup!

Color correcting has been all the rave lately. It’s being showcased everywhere -YouTube, Instagram, Sephora, etc. Usually, I only use peach and orange to color correct because my main issue is dark circles and dark spots. However, I realize that I have some red veins on my nose area which calls for a green corrector. I was looking for a decent palette that had the shades I need and then I came across this gem. City Color Cosmetics sells a few color correcting palettes at super affordable prices. I decided to pick up this one because of the color selection. The 2 concealers are perfect for my skin tone and the color correcting shades meet my needs.

 I’ve been using this palette for about a month now and I have no complaints. The consistency is creamy and the pigmentation is great. A little goes a long way. If you put too much, it’ll be a pain to blend your foundation over it. I use the green for my red veins and he peach for my dark spots and circles. I haven’t used the yellow yet but yellow is very versatile for correcting – it’s great for brightening. I use the other 2 concealers for cleaning up the brow area. Overall, this palette is great for someone who’s just beginning to color correct and/or doesn’t have much color correcting to do. You can get it at the City Color Cosmetics website for $6!



Hit or Miss: NYX’s Dark Circle Concealer


Hey, darlings! A little over a week ago, I spoke about color correcting. That topic inspired me to do some color correcting of my own.

I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and acne scars. For my tan skin tone, orange based concealers work best. So, I decided to pick up an orange based concealer at Ulta. I’ve seen some great reviews about NYX’s Dark Circle Concealer and I decided to try it out. I picked up the deepest shade of orange because the others seemed a smidge too light.


The way I used this product is after I apply primer, I dab some on my dark spots and dark circles. Then I go over it with foundation and proceed to do my full face routine. I honestly think that this concealer definitely made concealing my dark spots easier and more effective. They are definitely less noticeable when I take this extra step. The consistency of the this concealer is great and a little goes a long way. For the price of $5.99, this product is pretty good. It’s definitely a HIT and I would recommend it to anyone who is just starting to color correct.


Color Correcting Concealers 101

Hey, dolls! Not all of us are blessed with the ability to use basic concealers. Some of us have to put some extra effort to conceal problem areas. That is where color correcting comes in handy! The real question is: what color do you need to correct your problem areas? It all really depends on what skin issues you have, as well as your skin tone. So, let’s take a trip back to art class.

(via hgtv.com)

If you remember anything from art class, you’d know that colors across each other cancel each other out. For example, green cancels out red. This is what color correcting is based on. However, some correctors can’t be explained by just using the color wheel. Now, let’s talk about the different shades of color correcting concealers.

Green concealers are perfect for redness in the skin. If you have an inflamed pimple, this is the way to go. If your skin is full of redness due to sunburn, a rash, or rosacea, green based primers are perfect for that.

Salmon concealers may look pink, but they aren’t really because they have a mixture of orange, red, and yellow hues. These are best with people who are fair skinned and need to brighten their face. If you look tired or suffer from dull skin, this is for you. It’s great for dark circles on fair skin.

As you can see from the color wheel, yellow cancels out purple. So you can safely assume, yellow concealers are great for hiding bruises, veins, and under eye circles. Yellow is also a great brightening color for olive and tan skin tones. It gives an all over brightening effect. Yellow is usually a go-to color when it comes to color correction, but I wouldn’t recommend it for fair toned skin.

Orange concealer are my jam! These concealers are perfect for tan to deep skin tones. They hide dark spots, dark circles, acne scars, and freckles really well. If your skin is on the tanner/darker side, definitely go for an orange concealer. Orange is across light blue on the color wheel, which I know doesn’t make sense. However, it does when you think about dark circles. They still have a blue tinge but doesn’t appear as blue on deeper skin tones.

Lavender concealers aren’t the most popular. I don’t see them used very often, but they are great for eliminating yellow undertones. You can use a lavender based primer on your face for an overall brightening effect.

I hope this helped you guys gain more insight on how to fully correct and conceal skin issues to your best ability :)!


Top 3 Beauty Faves of The Week

As you know, it’s about that time … it’s FRIDAY!!! So as usual, I’m going to share my top 3 beauty faves of the week with you lovely people ❤ are you excited?! great, me too (: let’s jump in …


Pond’s Wet Cleansing Towlettes are AMAZING. Now, I used to use Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Wipes but they don’t compare to these babies. Pond’s is cheaper than Neutrogena but it still works amazing. The one thing that I LOVE about the Pond’s wipes are that the don’t burn your eyes! Like who wants burning eyes when removing makeup? uh.. no one! They’re also soapy, you can see the little suds on the wipes & it takes off your makeup COMPLETELY with just ONE wipe. It’s so efficient & makes my face feel utterly amazing. So definitely buy these at your drugstore. I got mine at Walgreens for $4 bucks.


Ambi Fade Cream is another pretty dope product.  I have dark spots on my face from old acne so I wanted to buy a cream to help them fade away because they look soooo bleh! I used to use Cocoa Butter mixed with Vitamin E & it would work but not as quickly as I wanted. So I did some research and bought this magic in a tube. I’ve been using it for about 2 weeks now & honestly I’m seeing results. The results aren’t DRASTIC  but there is definitely a difference in my skin. The only problem is if you have sensitive skin, this product MIGHT make your skin break out. Also, you want to use it on CLEAN skin. The cream comes in oily, normal, & dry skin, so obviously buy the one for your skin type. Also, the Ambi beauty line is advertised for those with dark skin but I’m tan & it works for me fine so I don’t think any fellow tanned people will have a problem. As far as light or fair skinned people, I’m not sure how it will work for you because it does have a bleaching agent in it to fade to the dark spots. So if you do use it don’t go crazy! You can get this at any drugstore for about $7 bucks.

The NYX Hi Definition Photo Concealer is legitimately the best concealer I’ve used in my life. I would’ve taken a real live photo of it but it looks all ugly because it’s running out & I MUST order a new tube. This concealer looks amazing on my skin. The shade I buy is nutmeg & you can’t even tell I have makeup on. It’s perfect for dark circles & blemishes. It completely blurs your imperfections & it doesn’t look cakey or obvious. It also stays on your skin for a good amount of time, but still make sure to set it with some powder. I ordered mine online at Ulta for $5 bucks.

So there you have it! Those are my beauty faves of the week! Hope you try out these products 🙂