Fall Candle Haul

Hey, all! It’s finally the weekend and time to enjoy some downtime. When I was a junior in college, I started this tradition of buying scented candles during the fall and winter months. Let me just say, if you don’t have scented candles in your home then you’re missing out. My family, specifically my grandmother and aunt, are paranoid about fire. So, I didn’t grow up with candles in my house. But, when I lived on my own I fell in love with scented candles! This past weekend, Bath and Body Works had their famous 2 for $24 sale. I obviously took advantage and decided to get my 3 favorite candles, along with a newbie. So, I decided to share my favorite fall candles with you on this fall Saturday.

Description: Celebrate the season with a warm blend of toasted marshmallows, smoldering woods, and creamy vanilla reminiscent of a cozy evening ’round the bonfire. 

The reason I fall in love with a scent is because it reminds me of a specific memory. Marshmallow Fireside is my #1 candle.  This candle smells sweet and woodsy with a mix of vanilla and man, haha. Yes, I sometimes think of men’s cologne when I smell this and it smells glorious! It also slightly reminds me of one of my best friends, Matt.

Description: An inviting mixture of harvest pumpkin, sweet vanilla cream & spicy cinnamon stick.

Everyone knows I love anything with pumpkin, especially during the fall. This candle reminds me of my senior year in college, during the fall. This is literally what my room smelled like 24/7 from October-December. I just couldn’t get enough!

Description: A luxurious confection with layers of sparkling sugar crystals & a hint of fresh cream.

Let me just tell you, this scent is super sweet. So, if you don’t like very sweet scents then don’t buy this. This scent reminds me specifically of Christmas when I was 13 and my cousin’s gift to me was a Vanilla Musk bath and body gift set. I love it. I usually burn this towards the end of fall and the beginning of winter.

Description: Wrap yourself in a warm blend of bergamot, polished mahogany & a veil of soft musk.

This is the newbie to the group. It doesn’t remind me of anything, but it smells like a man’s shirt. So for all you single people out there…if you don’t have anyone to cuddle with then buy this candle, haha! This candle smells so good. When you walk in the room, it’ll smell like a man’s apartment. Well, it’ll smell like a good-smelling man’s apartment. I know some guy’s who don’t have the best-kept homes haha. Needless to say, I’m glad I bought this candle.



Accessory Nation!

Hey guys! It’s that time of the week! Time for fashion faves! But this fashion faves of the week is all about accessories!!! Yes I went bonkers buying accessories this Monday but there is one in particular that I’m DYING to show you guys. Let’s jump in ….

ASOS Bag With Side Straps In Color Block, $66.50

This is the best accessory purchase I’ve made in the longest! I was literally dying to get this bag for weeks now & I finally bought it. The original price was $66.50 but with my 10% student discount made it come out to $59. Anyway, this bag was calling my name when I first saw it! I just HAD to have it & it’s finally mine! I’m obsessed with it! Usually I buy Michael Kors bags but OMG this was too pretty not to buy. So yes college girls, use your ASOS discount & go bonkers.

Tory Burch Leopard Print iPhone 4 Case, $15

So because of all the crazy & wild fun I had this Sunday, my iPhone case broke! I hate having a naked iPhone. It makes me feel like it’s going to break any second and I can’t afford to break the screen again so I went on a hunt for cute iPhone cases and voila! I found this one on Amazon. I was specifically looking for an animal print one because all the other ones I’ve had are solid colors and boring so I wanted something different. I saw this on the Nordstrom website originally but it wasn’t available anymore so thank God I found it on the Amazon website. I’m sure if I would’ve bought it from Nordstrom it would’ve been more expensive.

ASOS Wayfarer with Leopard Print, $19.50

Sunglasses are ESSENTIAL for warm weather. I used to swear by aviators & I kind of still do but I want to go with the wayfarer movement this year. I was going to buy Rayban’s but I already plan on buying Rayban eyeglasses so I don’t find anything wrong with economizing! They look fabulous on my & they fit the shape of my face perfectly. So if you want some wayfarers but don’t want to pay $150+ for them. Check out ASOS & get that college student discount, if you’re a college student of course! haha

Best Night of My Life

Steve Aoki at UB!

Hey guys! Sorry for the mini hiatus I’ve been on. Life has been pretty hectic. There are only 2 weeks left in the semester & all the work is piling and piling up! Anyway, let’s discuss this past weekend shall we? It was AMAZING. Point blank and the period. I can’t remember any time in my 20 years of life that I’ve enjoyed myself that much. This past Sunday was Springfest! For those of you who don’t know what that is .. it’s an annual Spring concert held at my university. This year we had Steve Aoki & Kendrick Lamar come to perform along with Krewella, Bad Rabbits, and 5 & a dime.

I didn’t get to the concert early so I when I got there Krewella was already performing BUT I really came for Kendrick Lamar & Steve Aoki. Let me tell you guys, it was EPIC. It was the best night of my life! The entertainment that night was PURE GOLD. Kendrick Lamar was great but Steve Aoki killed it! Thank you Jesus that he ended the concert! It was legitimately WILD!

Aoki was throwing cakes into the crowd, spraying champagne, and throwing rafts into the crowd! It was freaking great. The music was GOLD. It was just PURE amazingness! The crowd was awesome! I want to re-live that night OVER & OVER & OVER again! I’ve never felt so free & alive in my entire life. That night would probably be my most memorable night in my college life!




If you’re not familiar with Aoki, he does electro house music. Kendrick Lamar is in the rap/hip hop genre. I’ll leave some links to some of their music below. Have a listen! You won’t regret it 🙂



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Stay Gold ❤