Beyoncé x #LEMONADE




Hey, dears! Let us just get right into it because you guys all know that I’m a Beyoncé stan. I am definitely a member of the Beyhive. So it’s no surprise that I’m about to talk about #LEMONADE. Now in case you live in a box with no access to the outside world, let me tell you what the hell #LEMONADE is. It is the SECOND visual album that Beyonce dropped out of nowhere. This woman knows how to make headlines! But again, no surprise.

At first, the album was only available via Tidal. Now, it’s available on iTunes and Amazon.  However, people have been sharing the whole thing via social media, specifically Facebook. When I mean the whole thing, I mean the VISUAL part. Now, if you want the tracks you may wanna check out Tidal, iTunes, Amazon… or some other sneaky method if you have one.

A big difference between her 2 visual albums is the layout and content. As oppose to “Beyonce” album, “Lemonade” is a whole story in one basically. It flows from one song to another into an hour long masterpiece. Also, this new album is basically about infidelity. There are some other topics hidden in the story, such as Black power and women power, but it’s mainly about infidelity. The stages of it. The emotions. The roller coaster. The best thing is that it’s all coming from a woman’s standpoint which makes it super relatable. Let’s be honest, every woman has been heartbroken so they’ll be able to relate to this album. Whether it’s a song or the whole album, it’s relatable.

I would honestly have to say this is probably the most artistic album Beyonce has ever done. Her last one was pretty creative but this one had deeper meaning all across the board! So if you want to be stimulated mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, WATCH IT. I’ve shared it on my Facebook so go take a look!



Robin Thicke & Paula Patton Split

And another couple bites the dust! Robin Thicke and Paula Patton split after 8 years of marriage. This is another celebrity break up that I’m not so thrilled about. There are rumors floating around that the couple has been living separate lives for quite some time now due to Thicke’s flirtatious nature. I doubt that Miley Cyrus twerking had anything to do with it haha but there are photos of Thicke being too friendly with some women like this … his hand is clearly cupping her booty. Oh and let’s take a look at this picture. Shady, no?

Who knows the REAL reason as to why this couple has split, but supposedly they are being amicable to each other. According to Thicke’s rep, he states, “We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time.” That’s all fine and dandy but I REALLY want to know what Patton has to say about the split ..

Love & Hip Hop New York: Season 4

So, we all know I’m a HUGE fan of reality TV. It’s just sheer entertainment and tomfoolery! So we all know I tuned in on the season 4 premiere of Love & Hip Hop New York and do I have a lot to rant about …..

Let’s start with some old characters….

Tahiry, my chick on the show, is back with Joe Budden. There is no surprise there! I can’t say I’m disappointed. I think they’re  an interesting couple. Joe Budden just needs to get it together. Now, Yandy … my heart goes out to that girl and her family. She is soooo depressed on the inside but I know she is staying strong for her man Mendecees while he’s in jail. I respect it! Now, Erica Mena wasn’t her usual off the meter self in the first episode, but it shall happen sooner than later. Her boobs just keep getting bigger and bigger! Also, she says she’s been playing for the other team since her break up with Rich Dollaz. So, I’m sure we’ll be introduced to her new boo sooner than later but I’m certain she isn’t done messing with Rich Dollaz! K.Michelle has hopped onto the NYC scene and hopefully her life isn’t full of drama like in Atlanta. I hated her in Love & Hip Hop Atlanta but maybe she’ll grow on me while she’s in NY.

But, let’s talk about the REAL DRAMA ….. Peter Gunz aka the Stevie J of Love & Hip Hop NY is in a 13 year relationship with his baby mama, Tara Wallace. YET, he is sleeping with his artist Amina Buddfly aka the Joselin Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop NY. EXCEPT, Amina unlike Joselin think she is “wifey” meanwhile Tara has been with this man for 13 years and has 2 of his children…. like what? I CAN’T! At least Joselin Hernandez wasn’t delusional! I don’t know what is going on here except that Peter Gunz is in deep crap because his girl isn’t a doormat like Mimi was in Love & Hip Hop ATL. Like I don’t know what the hell is his problem?! He told Rich Dollaz not to mix business and pleasure with Erica but turns around and starts cheating on his girlfriend with his new artist … seriously? I CAN’T.

Robsten Splits Again! But Not For Long …

Jeez! I feel like I just wrote the post about them back together again! But the Twilight couple has split once again for mutual reasons.

The whole cheating episode has obviously done major damage to this relationship. The effects still linger and will probably always will in a sense. Kristen is devastated. Sources say that they don’t want to ruin their friendship since lately they haven’t been really getting along. They need some time away from each other. Remember, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” Sources also say, that Kristen is frustrated and feels that she needs to prove herself to Rob but doesn’t know what she has to to. Sounds to me like Rob has been bringing up her cheating fiasco often in their arguments. But who can blame him? He’s burned.

This split isn’t permanent it’s more of a break. They even still lives together for the sake of their pets. So, their bound to get back together. This couple can’t stay apart for too long; we all know that! But let’s just hope they get back together sooner than later and Kristen doesn’t get too comfortable in the single life!

Rob & Kristen: Reunited?

Could it be? Are these epic lovebirds back together? Supposedly, yes.

These two were seen getting goodies at a convenience store in LA a few days ago. So it seems that Robsten is back at it! The officially reunited after a trip alone to NYC last week. Looks like Rob has forgiven Kristen for her infidelity but should he have? I think so.

There are so many different opinions on this topic but I’m going to share MINE. Robsten is epic. They are just an epic couple. Did Kristen make a big mistake by cheating on him? YES. Was she wrong? YES. Did my opinion change of her? Definitely, for a while. I never thought she’d be that type of person. However, NO ONE knows the ins & out of Robsten’s relationship personally. So I can’t make huge judgements based on what the media says. I have heard a few people say that Rob is an idiot for getting back with her or hanging out with her. I disagree. She worked to get him back. She put in a lot of effort to be with him which shows that she genuinely was sorry and acknowledges that she made a mistake. If Rob feels that it was genuine enough, then let it be! They aren’t hurting anyone. You couldn’t have believed that this couple was over for good. I’m mean look at them! The chemistry is ridiculous.

Congrats to Robsten on getting back on track! I bet Twilight fans are excited haha.