Accessory Nation!

Hey guys! It’s that time of the week! Time for fashion faves! But this fashion faves of the week is all about accessories!!! Yes I went bonkers buying accessories this Monday but there is one in particular that I’m DYING to show you guys. Let’s jump in ….

ASOS Bag With Side Straps In Color Block, $66.50

This is the best accessory purchase I’ve made in the longest! I was literally dying to get this bag for weeks now & I finally bought it. The original price was $66.50 but with my 10% student discount made it come out to $59. Anyway, this bag was calling my name when I first saw it! I just HAD to have it & it’s finally mine! I’m obsessed with it! Usually I buy Michael Kors bags but OMG this was too pretty not to buy. So yes college girls, use your ASOS discount & go bonkers.

Tory Burch Leopard Print iPhone 4 Case, $15

So because of all the crazy & wild fun I had this Sunday, my iPhone case broke! I hate having a naked iPhone. It makes me feel like it’s going to break any second and I can’t afford to break the screen again so I went on a hunt for cute iPhone cases and voila! I found this one on Amazon. I was specifically looking for an animal print one because all the other ones I’ve had are solid colors and boring so I wanted something different. I saw this on the Nordstrom website originally but it wasn’t available anymore so thank God I found it on the Amazon website. I’m sure if I would’ve bought it from Nordstrom it would’ve been more expensive.

ASOS Wayfarer with Leopard Print, $19.50

Sunglasses are ESSENTIAL for warm weather. I used to swear by aviators & I kind of still do but I want to go with the wayfarer movement this year. I was going to buy Rayban’s but I already plan on buying Rayban eyeglasses so I don’t find anything wrong with economizing! They look fabulous on my & they fit the shape of my face perfectly. So if you want some wayfarers but don’t want to pay $150+ for them. Check out ASOS & get that college student discount, if you’re a college student of course! haha