Hit or Miss: Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream


Hey, darlings! I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack! I know it has been such a long hiatus, but it’s been one hell of a spring & summer. So many changes have been happening so blogging had to take a backseat for a while. However, I have a lot of new content ideas so expect to see me regularly posting.

Now, let’s get back to Hit or Miss! I’ve been using Sol de Janeiro’s Bum Bum Cream for about 4 months now and I absolutely loveeeeee it. It’s basically a cream that tightens and smooths your skin, OVER TIME. So don’t expect immediate results. However, the smell and the glow it gives your skin is AMAZING! I feel more attractive and luscious when I put this on my body. Some the ingredients include: coconut oil, acai, guarana, and cupuacu butter. Also, the consistency is bit thick so a little goes a long way.


All of my friends who I’ve recommended this cream to love it! I suggest you guys buy its ASAP. You can get it the 8 oz jar at Sephora for $45. If you wanna try it before you fully commit, the travel size is $20.



Top 5 Beauty Icons

Beauty & fashion are really subjective, especially fashion. So realize that everything that I write on this blog is my personal opinion. If it’s something that’s actually trending in the fashion or beauty world, no doubt I will definitely let you know. Soooo with that out the way, I decided to share my top 5 beauty icons & by beauty icons I mean: women who I think are gorgeous no matter what & who I get my makeup inspirations from 🙂 By the way, all these women are of latin descent & not on purpose haha. I just relate better to their makeup because of the skin tone. So let’s get started darlings …

Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. Zoe. I am utterly obsessed & in love with Zoe Saldana. This Puerto Rican & Dominican beauty has it going on .. in more ways than one. She is just so raw. Her beauty is so raw. She doesn’t even have to have make up on, she’s beautiful. She can rock the bare face look any day & still look amazing. My favorite thing about this beauty is she is so independent. She is a strong woman & I love that dominant female attitude. I love her natural makeup looks. She doesn’t go too crazy & doesn’t do glamor very often. However, I still  love her makeup. It’s not too dramatic. She’s definitely my girl crush.

Where do I start? Adriana Lima is ALL THAT. No one can say that is false. This Brazilian beauty is just .. UGH. I can’t stand it, she’s just gorgeous & so exotic. The main things I love about her are her eyes & lips. Her eyes are gorgeous & I like to follow her eye makeup a lot. Her eyelashes are ridiculous, they’re probably fake but still they’re beautiful. Her lips are full so that’s why lipstick looks so perfect on her! I definitely follow her look when I’m trying to go the dramatic/mysterious route.

Jennifer Lopez is classic. I’ve loved her since I was like 6 years old. She’ll always be my go-to beauty icon. I love her makeup & always have. I love her bronzed out, classic glamor makeup look. I use her makeup look most often when I’m going out at night or to a formal event. I’m a biggest fan of her makeup look in this picture. It’s an easy look & can work for so many different circumstances. So she’s definitely keeping up her reputation after being in the entertainment business for so long & she’s Puerto Rican like me so double kudos to you J.Lo! haha

Eva Mendes is like a hybrid. She can pull off sultry, glamor, & natural but still keep her mystery. That’s why she’s in my top 5. Her style is very versatile & she can pull of anything without looking to trashy or too bummy. She’s naturally beautiful as well, of course. I usually do her sultry look when I’m going out on a date .. a real date not a trip to the amusement park or to the museum haha. I do this look when I’m going to a fancy restaurant or a fancy environment. It’s simple but sexy.

Dania Ramirez is sexy but in such a subtle way. She’s playful, borderline athletic type of sexy. Nevertheless, she’s beautiful. Her makeup is pretty subtle & it’s my everyday go-to look. I usually do her beauty look for my everyday going out makeup. Her “glamor” makeup looks aren’t really dramatic so that’s why I go to her for my everyday makeup. Honestly, she looks best in subtle makeup. She doesn’t need to overdo it because she’s so naturally pretty.

So there you have it ladies, those are my top 5 beauty icons ❤ Feel free to share your opinions.