Beyoncé x #LEMONADE




Hey, dears! Let us just get right into it because you guys all know that I’m a BeyoncĂ© stan. I am definitely a member of the Beyhive. So it’s no surprise that I’m about to talk about #LEMONADE. Now in case you live in a box with no access to the outside world, let me tell you what the hell #LEMONADE is. It is the SECOND visual album that Beyonce dropped out of nowhere. This woman knows how to make headlines! But again, no surprise.

At first, the album was only available via Tidal. Now, it’s available on iTunes and Amazon.  However, people have been sharing the whole thing via social media, specifically Facebook. When I mean the whole thing, I mean the VISUAL part. Now, if you want the tracks you may wanna check out Tidal, iTunes, Amazon… or some other sneaky method if you have one.

A big difference between her 2 visual albums is the layout and content. As oppose to “Beyonce” album, “Lemonade” is a whole story in one basically. It flows from one song to another into an hour long masterpiece. Also, this new album is basically about infidelity. There are some other topics hidden in the story, such as Black power and women power, but it’s mainly about infidelity. The stages of it. The emotions. The roller coaster. The best thing is that it’s all coming from a woman’s standpoint which makes it super relatable. Let’s be honest, every woman has been heartbroken so they’ll be able to relate to this album. Whether it’s a song or the whole album, it’s relatable.

I would honestly have to say this is probably the most artistic album Beyonce has ever done. Her last one was pretty creative but this one had deeper meaning all across the board! So if you want to be stimulated mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, WATCH IT. I’ve shared it on my Facebook so go take a look!



Pharrell’s New Album: G I R L

Pharrell has released his new album today! All I have to say about this album is that it’s an EARGASM!!!! I heard the whole album this past Friday and I was hooked. I didn’t expect anything but greatness honestly because I’m in loooovveeeee with his voice. Like c’mon, his voice is just soooo sexy!

Anyway, my favorite tracks on the album are Marilyn Monroe, Gush, Lost Queen, and Hunter. The whole album is great but those specific songs are on REPEAT! It’s so depressing because this album makes me LONGGGG for warm weather! It’s still freaking snowing where I’m at and I can’t tell you how over it I am. I AM OVER IT. I can’t wait to be crusin and listening to this album and the many more amazing summer albums to come. But anyway, KUDOS TO PHARRELL for this eargasm!