Parenting Teenagers: The Dangers of Teenage Drinking

In many ways, parenting teenagers has changed over the years, but there are still many ways in which it has not. For example, teens have always been known for testing authority and being somewhat rebellious and argumentative. They have also been known to experiment with alcohol, as well. For many years now, alcohol has been the number one drug used by teens. This is something that hasn’t changed for many generations and there are many dangers of teenage drinking.

More than likely, you can remember going to a party or social event in high school where there was alcohol present. In fact, you may have even experimented with it yourself during your teenage years. If so, you definitely aren’t the only parent in the world to have done this. However, this doesn’t mean that experimenting with alcohol is something you want your own teens to be doing.

Most parents who drank alcohol during their teen years now understand that this wasn’t the smartest thing for them to have done and that there are many dangers of teenage drinking.  However, as teens, you don’t see the big picture and hindsight is always 20/20. Therefore, as parents of teenagers, it’s your job to look out for them and try to prevent them from abusing alcohol during their teen years. While drinking alcohol at a young age has always increased the chance of becoming an alcoholic, there are now even more reasons to try and prevent your teen from experimenting with alcohol.

Dangers Of Teenage Drinking

First of all, alcohol has been proven to be a depressant which isn’t good for anyone, but especially teens who are going through hormonal changes as well as dealing with peer pressure and stress. Take a moment to consider the high numbers of teen suicides we are beginning to see across the nation every year. Did you know that in most of these cases, alcohol is found in the blood tests that follow?

Additionally, a new trend that is beginning to appear and is gradually becoming a major issue is the amount of bullying that is going on in schools around the nation. More than likely, you’re aware that there have been many teen suicides that have occurred as a result from bullying. As if bullying isn’t bad enough, when you add alcohol to the equation, it can easily get out of control. The fact is that every teen reacts differently to alcohol and there is always an increased risk of violence when alcohol is involved – this is true for both teens and adults.

There are many more dangers of teenage drinking such as an increased chance of teenage pregnancy, becoming the victim of a sexual crime, making unwise decisions and risking losing college scholarships, a greater chance of becoming an alcoholic and many more. This is why those parenting teenagers need to become serious about preventing their kids from abusing alcohol.

The most effective thing those parenting teenagers can do is to play an active role in your teen’s life. Keep the lines of communication open and discuss the consequences of drinking alcohol. Also, make it a point to know what is going on with your teen at school and with his or her friends. And, finally, you need to keep a close eye on your teen’s activities between the hours of 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays, as these are the hours when teens drink alcohol the most.

As you can see there are many dangers of teenage drinking. Be sure to talk to your teens openly and honestly about alcohol and the affect it can have on them and others.

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