Favorite Non-Matte Lipsticks

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Hey, dolls! I know matte lipsticks have been the trend, especially matte LIQUID lipsticks. I feel like everyone has come out with a matte liquid lipstick. Now even though they are gorgeous, they can be rough on the lips. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s suffered from dry lips due to overusing matte lipsticks. Sometimes your lips need a break! It’s not a crime.

I wanted  to share with you guys my favorite lipsticks that are soft, creamy, luscious, gorgeous and everything in between. These lipsticks and glosses are my go-to’s when my lips need some moisture.

From Left to Right:

MAC Verve is a great everyday color and it’s satin finish.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Peanut Brittle is a gorgeous nude shade.

NYX Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Apple is great if you wanna be simple but add a pinch of sass.

Too Faced Melted Fig is a versatile pinky mauve.

Too Faced Melted Berry is my favorite spring color.

City Color Head Over Heels is just the warmer version of MAC Verve in my opinion, but I still give it recognition!:)

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Hit or Miss: City Color Cosmetics Perfecting Palette


Hey, babes! I’m going to give you guys a little break from hair product reviews. Let’s get back to makeup!

Color correcting has been all the rave lately. It’s being showcased everywhere -YouTube, Instagram, Sephora, etc. Usually, I only use peach and orange to color correct because my main issue is dark circles and dark spots. However, I realize that I have some red veins on my nose area which calls for a green corrector. I was looking for a decent palette that had the shades I need and then I came across this gem. City Color Cosmetics sells a few color correcting palettes at super affordable prices. I decided to pick up this one because of the color selection. The 2 concealers are perfect for my skin tone and the color correcting shades meet my needs.

 I’ve been using this palette for about a month now and I have no complaints. The consistency is creamy and the pigmentation is great. A little goes a long way. If you put too much, it’ll be a pain to blend your foundation over it. I use the green for my red veins and he peach for my dark spots and circles. I haven’t used the yellow yet but yellow is very versatile for correcting – it’s great for brightening. I use the other 2 concealers for cleaning up the brow area. Overall, this palette is great for someone who’s just beginning to color correct and/or doesn’t have much color correcting to do. You can get it at the City Color Cosmetics website for $6!


Adult Coloring Therapy


Hey, dears! Let’s talk relaxation.

Lately, I’ve been under some stress so I decided to turn to adult coloring. Why? Because I’ve heard so many great things about it. I’ve read articles that adult coloring has even been used in people with illnesses, such as cancer and epilepsy. Doctors say that it provides relaxation and it’s soothing because the outcome is predictable. I honestly couldn’t agree more.

What makes adult coloring “adult” is the fact that the coloring books don’t contain cartoons or other child-like things. The books contain intricate patterns, such as the one you see pictured. It requires some real focus to get in the zone when you’re coloring. Usually, I turn to reading or music when I’m stressed out. However, music can sometimes just make me think more about my problems. Reading helps a little better but sometimes I drift off and go back to focusing on my stress. That doesn’t happen to me at all with coloring. I’m so focused on what I’m doing that my mind doesn’t drift off at all. That is exactly what I need in times of stress.

You can find adult coloring books in Barnes & Nobles and Amazon.The price range  is around $10-20. I’m currently using twistable crayons, but colored pencils are definitely better for patterns that are more detailed.

Let that creativity flourish. Happy Coloring!


Happy International Women’s Day

Hey, babes. Today’s post is just a simple post of recognition to all the QUEENS out there! As a woman who was raised by all women, I’ve seen the strength and beauty first hand. So today….


Here’s a little collage of all the amazing women in my life ♥


Hit or Miss: As I Am Coconut CoWash


Hey, dears! I’m back it again with the hair product reviews :)! I was asked to do a review on this by my lovely fellow blogging gal Nicole so here we are.

I’m a huge fan of co-washing because keeping your hair moisturized is super important, especially when you have curls. Shampoo is cool but shampoo tends to give me this disgusting feeling when I use it, even if I use sulfate free. Also, shampoo will never give you half the moisture that a conditioner will. That’s just plain fact.

I’ve been using this co-wash for about a month and I have to say it’s pretty amazing. First off, it smells like coconut mixed with something else very pleasant. Who doesn’t love the smell of coconut?! This product also makes detangling a breeze and gets rid of product build-up very easily. I can honestly finger detangle instead of using a comb and get the same results. It also helps retain and add moisture to your hair. I use it once a week and I wouldn’t trade it in for anything! It makes my thick hair very easy to manage and who doesn’t want that?

You can get it for $9 pretty much anywhere. – drugstores, online, Sally’s, etc.


Colourpop x Karrueche Collaboration

DSCI0039 2

Hey, dolls! I was debating whether or not I wanted to buy anything from Karrueche’s collection at Colourpop. However, after seeing some of the lip color swatches, I caved. Her collection includes 7 eyeshadows, 3 liquid lipsticks, 3 lippie stixs, and 1 eyeshadow collection. I didn’t want to go overboard and buy everything, so I simply bought 1 liquid lipstick in the shade Kae.

Before I even show you the swatch, I just wanted to share the cute little notes that come with your package if you order from Karrueche’s collection…


Okay now that I’m done flaunting my notes, let’s look at the swatch! 🙂

DSCI0033 When you first apply the color onto your skin, it looks like an orange-brown. I absolutely love this color. However, on the websites, it’s described as “a deep warm yellow-brown”. Either way, I love the color. As you can see, it’s the exact color in the tube. However, once dried, it becomes a basic brown color. It loses that gorgeous rustic color. That is what pisses me off! I was so baffled and disappointed. I’ve had liquid lipstick change slightly when completely dried, but NEVER like this! I just wish that it would stay like the color in the tube. I’m going to keep the lipstick only because it’s a different shade of brown than the ones I own. It’s still a bummer though and I can’t blame anyone. I figure I should’ve just looked into more swatches of the color before buying it.


Fuller House Season Premiere


(via youtube.com)

Hey, friends :). This past Friday was the season premiere of Fuller House – the sequel series of Full House. The premise of the show is basically the same as the original series with a few tweaks in it. As someone who absolutely loves 80-90’s TV, it was a guarantee that I was going to see if this spin-off holds a candle in the wind to my dear Full House.

Season 1 includes 13 episodes that are about 35-40 mins long. There has been a mixture of thoughts on the series, but most were negative. However, I finished the entire season in 2 days. Why? Because the show is actually pretty damn good. I won’t say that it’s better than the original because it’s not. However, I will say that it’s not the worst show on earth and I wasn’t left disappointed. I actually enjoyed watching it which is why I went through it quite quickly. I will say that the show is more PG-13 ish than Full House which stayed in the PG lane. As far as characters go, my favorites are Max (the middle child) and Stephanie. It’s pretty ironic because Stephanie – the middle child in Full House – was my favorite growing up and so was Uncle Jesse. Then again, Uncle Jesse is probably everyone’s favorite ;). I’m sure everyone knows that Mary-Kate and Ashley aren’t in the series. However, there are a few references made towards Michelle’s character in the show. To be honest, I think the show is fine with or without them.

Anyway, I definitely would recommend the show to anyone who wants to take a little stroll down memory lane. The first episode will undoubtedly give you some serious nostalgia. Check it out on Netflix.