How to choose the best email management system for your business ?

How to choose the best email management system for your business 1

With the volume of digital communications constantly increasing, managing your business’s email is a vitally important part of planning your infrastructure strategy. Whatever the size of your business, you need to use a system that is scalable with your business needs and completely reliable. From giving your employees’ complete accessibility to their email on the move, to ensuring your email security and email archiving solutions are robust, you need to have tools that work for you. This is an essential decision in making your business productive and profitable, and safe from debilitating cyber threats.

 So here is our run down of what you should be looking for in an email management system for your business. If you carefully consider the following factors, your solution should make your business’s use of email efficient, streamlined and secure.

 Email security

When it comes to securing your email from viruses, malware, phishing and spam, you can’t take any chances. With Google announcing last year that it would be discontinuing its Postini email and web security service, many businesses are currently looking for help in this area. Mimecast is the only unified email management tool on the market and offers an excellent option as a Postini Replacement.  Mimecast provides a robust cloud-based security service which is 100% virus-proof, stops spam and malware, and carries out advanced email traffic monitoring. Perfect for keeping your business’s email communications safe.

 Cloud-based storage and archiving

With the volume of business email continually increasing, a cloud-based email management solution is the only way forward. If your work entails dealing with documents and files that take up a lot of storage space, your devices will have a lot of the stress on them, all of which can be eased by being able to keep all of your email data in the cloud. You’ll be able to take some pressure off your IT department by signing up for cloud services too. Your company will have the ability to scale and distribute its resources far more evenly.

 Your email management system should also be able to deal efficiently with email archiving, both for the benefit of quickly finding important communications, but also to ensure you’re compliant with legally-binding business data practice. This will be essential in any disputes between you and other businesses or customers.


Enabling your employees to access their email from their smartphone or tablets while they’re on the move will instantly make your business more productive and efficient. Make sure your choice of email management tool allows you to do this, but also check that it has the requisite security functions to ensure your employees are not compromised in any way.

Email continuity

Engaging an email management solution such as Mimecast will also ensure email continuity for your business. Essentially this means that your email management service will keep your email functionality working, even if all your other services are down.

So those are the key factors you should be considering when choosing an email management solution. Tick these boxes and you can be sure that your business email will be more efficient and more secure.

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