Best & Worst Dressed: The Oscars 2016

Hello, dears! That magical time is upon us once again. It’s time for me to share who made the cut on my best-dressed list and who landed themselves on my worst-dressed list. Here we go…

Best Dressed


Rachel McAdams (via

I am in LOVE with this shade of green which is probably why I’m in love with this look. The dress isn’t fancy, but the slit, train, and color make it stunning! This is definitely my favorite look from last night.



Margot Robbie (via

Margot Robbie was a golden goddess last night. She reminded you of an actual Oscar. Point blank.



Chrissy Teigen (via

There are very few times that Chrissy Teigen misses the mark on the red carpet. She’s been on my best-dressed list plenty of times. Therefore, I didn’t expect any less during her pregnancy. I love red and nude together and the fit is perfect on her. Gorgeous!



Charlize Theron (via

Charlize Theron is another MVP on my best-dressed lists. She’s been on them quite frequently. Charlize just knows how to do sexy and very well might I add.



Jennifer Lawrence (via

Not only am I fan of red and nude, but there is truly nothing like black and nude paired together. J.Law made me love the combo even more when she stepped out on the red carpet in this beauty.



Priyanka Chopra (via

This look speaks for its damn self! It’s gorgeous. It’s stunning. It’s elegant. It’s everything.


Worst Dressed


Heidi Klum (via

For someone who has been in fashion for a while, Heidi Klum just disappoints me! I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the sleeve was gone. The sleeve just makes the whole ensemble look wrong on her. This is just not for you, Heidi.



Cate Blanchett (via

If you guys have been subscribed to me for a while, you know I despise things that are too busy. The color is very pretty, but all these flowers popping out aren’t for me. Flowers on the bodice area alone would’ve been sufficient in my opinion.



Alicia Vikander (via

I saw a lot of people compare this look to Belle from Beauty and the Beast. However, the sequins make the gown look kinda cheap. So, this was a miss in my book.



Brie Larson (via

I don’t know what it is exactly, but this dress looks flimsy to me. It looks cheap and probably more so because of the belt. I feel like it’s something a teen on a low budget would buy for prom. Then again, that’s just me!



Whoopi Goldberg (via

Whoopi. Come on, man! This gown is DEFINITELY not for her. She could’ve done so much better, but she chose not to. This dress makes her look really uncomfortable.











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