DIY Hair Trim on Curly Hair


Hey, darlings! Let’s talk about cutting hair…your OWN hair. When I was in college, I realized that plenty of my friends would trim their hair themselves. Back then, the simple thought of cutting my hair terrified me. I’ve gotten plenty of trims and haircuts in my life but I would always get them done by a professional.

As I dug deeper into the natural hair community, I realized a bunch of natural haired girls trim their own ends. I originally wanted to get a DevaCut, but I realized it’s slightly out of my price range right now and it’s too early in the game. I want to get a DevaCut to shape my curls, not just to trim dead ends. So, I’ll eventually get one when I feel like my hair is at it’s best state. Anyways, back to how I trimmed my own hair. First off, I washed it and let it get a little dry. I didn’t want to cut it soaking wet because I didn’t want to trim too much off. I waited until my hair was damp and then sectioned it. I did a total of 4 sections starting from back to front. So, I started at the nape of my neck going upwards. However much I trimmed on the nape of my neck would determine how much I was gonna trim for the rest of my hair. I would say I trimmed about an inch of damage, maybe 1/4 inch more. If you want to see a video of the method I used, check out Jade Kendle’s hair trim video.


I proceeded to diffuse my hair and if I saw any pieces that were still longer, I’d dry cut them. After that, I WAS DONE. I honestly really liked how it came out.

I still have about a half an inch to an inch of damage, but my ends definitely curl better. My hair doesn’t feel as weighed down and I’m super relieved :).




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