My Visit to The Met

Hey, all! This post is going to be more cultural and religious. I went to The Metropolitan Museum of Art the other day with my aunt and uncle to do a tour. The Oasis Biblical Tours are basically tours that tie in museum artifacts to the Bible. The specific part of the Bible that we were focused on is the scripture Genesis 3:15. If you’re wondering why I decided to do this tour, it’s because I’m trying to work on my spiritual growth. Needless to say, I thought this would perfect opportunity.

This is post isn’t going to be me preaching or anything. It’s just simply me sharing some photos of my time at the museum. If you want more information or want to experience a tour yourself, check out the website :).




Egyptians would keep the organs of the dead in these urns, except for the heart. The heart would be wrapped and put back in the chest cavity.


This is a crown that has all Egpytian gods on it.


This is a statue of the Egyptian goddess Ammut. Egyptians believed that if your heart was un pure after death, she would eat you.

image2 (3)

This is an artifact from the wall of Babylon.

image3 (1)IMG_7529


image1 (6)

These wigs were worn by the daughter of the pharoah so that she would be distinctive.




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