Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas




I’m baaaaaaack dolls! I know I took a mini hiatus, but I’ve been trying to get my life together all across the board. Something had to give and that something was the blog. However, I’ll be doing my damnedest to be as consistent for you guys as my schedule permits! Moving on, I’ve only celebrated V-day twice in my life with a significant other. However, my mom still buys me chocolate to this day and I’m not complaining. Personally, I’m not much of a V-day person because you need to show someone you love them in different ways all the time. Trust, I’m not a hater because I’m single haha. I realize that some people LOVEEEEEE this man made holiday and I figure why not shoot you guys a little gift guide if you’re stumped on what to get your babe. So, let’s go…

  • Clothes Only do this is you 100% know your partner’s style. It can become a real flop real quick if you A) don’t know their sizes and B) don’t know their style.
  • Useful things To me, the best gift is always something you can use. It can be makeup, a fragrance, a tech item, an appliance, spa voucher etc.
  • Sentimental things If you’re creative and on a tight budget, make a scrapbook or how about maybe propose?! Hahahahahaha! Kidding! But, if you are planning on doing that, best of luck to you and congrats :).
  • Tickets If your gf/bf is into sports, concerts, live shows, etc surprise them with some tickets! You can take it one step further and get some plane tickets to a great getaway.

The best thing about this is even if you’re single, you can do all of these for yourself. I mean, you can’t really proposed to yourself but besides that, you’re gold! 🙂 Whatever you do, DON’T OVERTHINK OR UNDERTHINK! Keep it sweet and genuine.




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