Curly Haired? You MUST Follow These Beauty Gurus

Hey, dolls! As predicted, I’m OBSESSED with getting my natural curls back. Slowly but surely it’s working with the help of research and trial and error. By research, I mean stalking the curly haired ladies of YouTube. Now, my curl pattern is 3B so most of the girls I follow have a similar, if not the same curl pattern as me. However, I do have a sprinkle of women I follow with different curl types than mine. So, let me share with you my fave channels to watch during my natural curly hair journey.


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  • Lipstick n Curls If I had to name one curly haired guru that I’m obsessed with, it would hands down be Jade Kendle. Her curl volume and definition is TO DIE FOR. Her channel is super inspiring, informative, and her personality is just plain amazing!



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  • SunKissAlba has been in the YouTube word for a while now so I’m sure most of you have come across her channel at some point. She’s all about all natural and all organic products. Whether it’s her food or beauty products, she defines the word ORGANIC haha. Her curl definition is insane and she knows how to do so many different styles using strictly curls. She hasn’t been straight haired for about 4 years. Talk about dedication!




  • RisasRizos is a super informative channel on how to revitalize and nourish your curls back to health and KEEP THEM THAT WAY. Rocio experienced her own journey of losing her curls and now she’s living life curly and free. If your hair is curly yet fine, definitely check her out.




  • Jasmine Brown If you hair is thick AF, follow this beauty! She has so many hair tips and tutorials with a sprinkle of makeup and lifestyle.



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  • Hey Fran Hey is a great channel for not only hair health, but also overall wellness. Frankcheska covers everything like DIY, skincare, nutrition, fitness, etc. Her big hair is just plain gorgeous and bold and she has great tips on how to keep it in top shape.




  • Curly Penny is a great channel for all curly haired ladies, but especially for those who have more of 3A or even type 2 curls. She has great tips for keeping hair healthy and growing it out. Not to mention. she’s pretty funny haha.




  • Naptural85 is a great channel if you’re looking to get straight to the point when it comes to natural hair. She is all hair and she has so many different tips, styles, and tricks for ya.




  • Much More Than Beauty was the first channel I looked at when it came to naturally curly hair. Estefani has some long, gorgeous, curly, full locks on her head. She gives me some serious hair envy. Her channel is mostly hair focused but there is a bit of makeup and lifestyle in the mix too.




  • Bianca Renee Today is a quirky and fun curly haired guru. I love her personality and her style. Her channel covers mostly hair but there is definitely a mix of makeup, lifestyle, and fashion in there.



(via pinterest)

  • Sayria Jade It’s pretty clear to see that I’m a fan of voluminous, thick, curly hair haha! Sayria is just adorable and super down to earth. Her videos are super informative and helpful. She’s only been vlogging for 8 months, but she’s doing amazing.










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