Favorite Beauty Icons

Hey, dolls! Let’s talk makeup and those who slay putting it on. I definitely did a post like this way back when I first started blogging. However, it was celebrity focused. Since then, I’ve realized there are so many beautiful women out there who slay in the beauty world. They can be celebrities or not. So, I wanted to share with you guys my all-time favorite beauty icons which are women whose makeup I love all day every day. These are the ones I get my inspiration from.


Lora Arellano (via howloved.com)

If you guys don’t know this badass chick, get with the program! She is one the boss ladies at Melt Cosmetics and Rihanna’s makeup artist. This woman is incredibly talented and creative with everything she does. Whether she is doing full glam or something light, she is just pure gorgeousness. Her overall swag is just…. BOSS.



Raye Boyce (via fashionkulture.com)

One thing that I’ve always loved about Raye is that her natural beauty always shines through her makeup. Also, she all these big features and knows how to work them. Big hair, big brows, big eyes, big lips, etc. She’s just plain beautiful. Her makeup looks are always perfect. She mostly goes natural-esque but when she goes all out..it’s stunning! If I had to replicate someone’s makeup looks every day for the rest of my life, it would be hers.



Zoe Saldana (via glamazonsblog.com)

Zoe Saldana’s makeup is always classic. She doesn’t do full glam. She’s more of a natural glam goddess and that’s my favorite type. Don’t get me wrong, though! I do love some bold colors from time to time. However, I’m more of a fan of this.




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