Announcement: Curly Hair Journey

Hey, darlings! Today I want to talk about my decision to go “natural”, which for me basically means restoring AND embracing my curly hair full time. I was born with semi-straight hair but when I hit 1 years old the curls came throughhhhhh! However, when I was about 6 years old, my mother started to use relaxers on my hair due to my hair being really curly and thick. A year ago, I wrote about Dove’s Embrace Your Curls campaign and it inspired me to cut out chemical damage but not heat damage. I would still use flat irons and curling irons on my hair. Now, I regret it and I’m ready to go curly haired full-time.

I reached this decision a little before New Year’s Eve. I was Instagram and was looking through the @curlbox account and I was in AWE! Literally in AWE. These women have gorgeous, healthy, big, curly hair and they embrace it to the fullest. That’s when I went curl crazy and started looking at a bunch of curly haired accounts such as @aframerican_curls, @curlyhairkillas, @curlynatural, and @aboutthatcurl. Here are some pictures from those pages…

stunt. @kassalaholdsclaw

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@jayhairbigga using @janecartersolution on a rod set! #curlynatural

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👑 @bwatuwant

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These are pages with a bunch of different curly haired women. Some specific curly haired women that I follow are @ck_frias, @caandyvonnee, @carly_amador, @goldennn_xo, @tylauren, and @muchmorethanbeauty.

I’m aware that I have curly hair but it’s not as healthy as it can be and the curl definition is WEAK. Some parts of my hair don’t curl at all. They stay straight and that’s due to heat damage. My curl pattern is all messed up! You can tell by just looking at it that it’s been through a hella crap. I need that volume, that definition, that moisture ASAP. Unfortunately, I know I’m not gonna achieve that overnight. I need to be dedicated to tossing the heat out the window and treating my hair well. It’s gonna be a challenge to stay away from heat all together but I’m definitely not doing the flat iron ever again.I’m never doing chemical treatments on my hair again either. I may do the blow dryer but I’m trying to do without it for AT LEAST 8 months.

If anyone of you are natural curly haired girls yourself and have any tips to reviving your hair to health, let a girl know ❤

Wish me luck!



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