Best & Worst Dressed: People’s Choice Awards 2016

Hey, babes! It’s been a little while since I’ve done a post like this. Fortunately, I’ll be back at it for a while since it’s award season! This year I noticed that I was more into the minimalistic chic look rather than full on glam. So don’t be surprised if my best-dressed stars seem to have “basic” fashion. Sometimes a little goes a long way, especially if you can work it ;). Let’s get to it, shall we?

Best Dressed


Kate Hudson (via eonline)

I don’t recall a moment where Kate Hudson missed the mark on the red carpet. This woman knows fashion, especially when it comes to dressing herself and exuding her own style. These sleek white jumpsuit fits her perfectly. She’s just plain chic.



Keke Palmer (via eonline)

I debated putting Keke on the list because I HATE that up-do but that has nothing to do with the fashion aspect of it all. She killed it. She accentuated her body without going to sheer and the outfit isn’t hyper galm. It’s simple but sexy.




Ashley Benson (via eonline)

This is a perfect example of minimalist chic. From head to toe, Ashley Benson nailed it.



Vanessa Hudgens (via

This look is edgy yet simple and beautiful. That black metallic gown paired with that slit, those accessories, and those shoes are everything. I’m glad she opted for slick back hair. It brings the whole look together.




Meagan Good (via

I love when women of color wear color!!! Meagan Good picked the perfect shade to compliment her skintone without looking too bright or out of place. She straddling the line between boho and romantic and I love it.



Worst Dressed



Jane Lynch (via

I have to admit that I enjoy the color scheme but there is something about it that’s too much. The blazer is a bit too baggy which gives me a bit of a sloppy vibe.




Priyanka Chopra (via

I have nothing against the sparkle! I love it but the shape of the dress with the amount of sequins on it kind of looks like it drags her down, since she has a small frame.




 I love metallic and I love purple. However, I hate this shade of purple metallic. I feel like the shine of this dress mixed with the color makes the dress look cheap.





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