Remedies for Insomnia




Hey, all! Today I want to talk about one of my most favorite things to do, SLEEP. However, sleep doesn’t always come easy. INSOMNIA IS REAL! I’ve suffered from it more than plenty of times in my lifetime. So, I wanted to share what personally has helped me sleep when it seems like I just can’t.

  • Melatonin I was introduced to this by a friend in college. You can get this over the counter and it’s meant to help control your sleep and wake cycles.
  • Hot Tea I love all teas, but I have heard and have found that Chamomile tea works best for sleepless nights.
  • White Noise This is my most popular go-to when I’m frustrated about not being able to sleep. It’s basically a mixture of sound waves. It’s usually a constant sound that fades in the background (i.e. rain, a heartbeat, waves, crickets at night). I have a White Noise app on my iPhone that allows me to mix different sounds or just pick one for me to fall asleep to.
  • Candles I’ve found that calming aromas have helped me fall asleep faster and better. So if you’re not sensitive to scents or have allergies, I’d try it out.
  • Yoga I don’t mean go hard and exercise before you go to bed. However, gentle stretching and meditation can go a long way in helping prep your body for sleep.




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