Christmas Outfit Ideas

Hey, darlings. I literally can’t believe Christmas is next week. The month has flown by! I also can’t believe that it’s so damn warm. Global warming is messing us up! I at least expected an inch of snow by now. Anyway, let’s talk about outfit ideas for Christmas from super casual to more dressy.


If you like to keep it real comfy and casual, the onesies, pajamas, and sweats are your friend. This year I plan to spend Christmas morning in a onesie. I just think they’re so cute and comfy.


Some people like to keep it casual but still make it look like they put in some effort. If that’s the case, a pair of pants and a nice sweater or blouse is my personal go-to. This is what I usually do if I’m staying at home but have company coming over, which is every Christmas Eve.


Some like to keep it more dressy. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can opt for a skirt, dress, or a dressy blouse. You can add heels to your outfit or a statement accessory, as well.

I hope these collages gave you guys some inspiration šŸ™‚




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