The Stash: Maybelline Cream Eyeshadows


Hey, darlings! I told you guys that the next “stash” post would be something different and not the typical lip product collection. So, here we go!

I have a collection of 9 Maybelline EyeStudio Color Tattoo eyeshadows. However, some of them are a part of different Color Tattoo collections. Some of them are a part of the Metal collection, some from the Leather collection, and some are just plain old Color Tattoo. These babies retail for about $6.99, depending on where you buy them. They are super pigmented and last forever. They don’t smudge at all. Some are creamier than others, though.


From left to right: Creamy Beige, Barely Branded, Bold Gold, Electric Blue, Inked in Pink, Chocolate Suede, Vintage Plum, Silver Strike, and Tenacious Teal.

I absolutely love these shadows. They are great for dramatic looks and apply so well. I would recommend them to anyone!





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