Winter Candles


Hey, babes! So, it was safe to expect a winter candle post since I had told you guys that I love buying candles during the colder months. Unfortunately, I wasn’t too crazy about a lot of candles they had for the winter season at Bath and Body Works. So, I just picked up some must-haves. I may pick up a few more later during the month. Here’s what I got.


I know so many people list Mahogany Teakwood as their favorite fall candle, but it was still on the shelves and just had to pick it up. This candle reminds me Marshmallow Fireside, but just a bit more manly. It smells like Abercrombie & Fitch stores but definitely better. The description says, “The luxurious scent of fine woods – mahogany, cedarwood and oak – are enlightened by delicate lavender and geranium notes.


Vanilla Snowflake will be one of my tried and trues during the winter. The smell is just simply amazing. The scent is described as, “Let it snow! A delectable blend of creamy vanilla, wintry mint & a dash of coconut.”


I LOVEEEEEEEEE THE SMELL OF CHRISTMAS TREES. Balsam candles are exactly what a Christmas tree smells like. Since my familt stopped buying real trees for Christmas, this is the closest I can get to smelling a real tree. The scent profile says, “Breathe in theh invigorating fragrance of snow-dusted balsam, fir trees and eucalyptus leaves.”




  1. I love the Fresh Balsam one, it’s my absolute fav when it comes to candles! (and I don’t only light it in fall or winter, but in spring and summer too sometimes, that’s how much I love it!). Mahogany teakwood is awesome too<3

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