Holiday Gift Guide



Hey, dolls! So depending on whether or not you’re a procrastinator, you’ve probably already started your Christmas shopping. I’m starting to do most of mine today. I know Christmas shopping can get difficult because sometimes you just don’t know what to get! So, I wanted to share some gift ideas for the men, women, and children in your lives!

Gift Ideas for Men

  • Anything sports related Most men like some type of sport so you can’t go wrong with tickets to a game, team paraphernalia, or actual sport materials (i.e. gold clubs, a basketball/football, baseball gloves, fishing rods, etc)
  • Tech stuff There are plenty of men who like the new gadgets. So if you’re willing to splurge, check out the newest stuff at Apple, Microsoft, Best Buy, etc.
  • Clothes and accessories are the most basic thing you can get for someone when in doubt. Sneakers, watches, ties, dress shirts, wallets, cuff-links, gym gear, etc are all great options for guys.

Gift Ideas for Women

  • Anything for the home Grandmas love new stuff for the house and so do mothers. The options are endless really. You can get kitchen appliances, furniture, frames with the pictures already inside, bedroom stuff, etc.
  • Anything beauty related is great. The options are endless! You can buy perfume, a makeup set, a hair care set, a body care set, etc.
  • Clothes and accessories are my go-to when buying for women. Every women needs clothes whether she’s a minimalist or not.

Gift Ideas for Kiddies

  • Toys That’s a no-brainer.
  • Clothes There are plenty of kids and teens that are into fashion these days.
  • Tech gadgets I’m iffy on buying kids too many gadgets, but sometimes it’s useful. For those kids who like to read, why not buy them a kindle or iPad? For the music lovers, perhaps get them an iPod.
  • Gift cards I swear kids collect gift cards like no other. When in doubt, pick up a gift card.



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