Winter Coat Shopping

Hey, darlings! Winter is less than a month away and if you live in a place with colder climates, you’ll remember how BRUTAL last winter was. It hurt my body to go outside. It was just the longest and coldest winter I’ve experienced in a while. The snow kept piling up and the temperature kept going further down. Although this fall has been pretty mild, we still have to prepare ourselves for the temperature dropping. So, why not look into buying a new winter coat? I’ve had the same winter coat since 2012. It’s done me right, but I need some variety in my life haha. I definitely plan to buy a new one this year.

Here are my favorite places to shop for winter coats…

  • J.Crew is great for outerwear shopping, period. They’re definitely on the pricier side, but I think it’s worth it. Plus, their styles are classy and minimalistic.
  • Garage I love Garage for fall and winter shopping. Their clothes are super trendy and on the more affordable side compared to J.Crew.
  • Burlington Coat Factory If you’re looking for a good deal and amazing variety, this is your spot!!!!! I remember going coat shopping with my aunt and grandma at Burlington and just walking into a basement full of coats. The options were literally endless and the prices were great.



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