MUA Spotlight On: Jehanna Silulu


Hey, peeps! Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Let me introduce you to this talented beauty, Jehanna ♥. Her whole name is Jehanna Aulelei Kaleo-O-Kalani Silulu, but everyone calls her Jee for short. She’s from Honolulu, Hawaii. She was born & raised there. She’s 21 years old and a Leo!!! She was a hula dancer & just did makeup for fun before she became a serious MUA. She started loving makeup ever since she was 14 years old. Of course, in my her household, she was too young to wear makeup so she’d sneak it & do it anyways LOL. She is currently a full-time makeup artist at M•A•C Cosmetics. She absolutely LOVES her job & her fellow artists! Working for M•A•C was her dream job & she’s so blessed to have it! However, her bigger goal here is to encourage & inspire all humans to never give up on their makeup dreams!



What is your favorite high-end brand?

My favorite high-end brand would probably have to be the brand I work for, which is M•A•C Cosmetics. Our products are amazing!

What are 3 makeup items you couldn’t possibly live without?

Three makeup items I can’t possibly live without would be my Soft & Gentle Mineralize Skinfinish by M•A•C Cosmetics, Dipbrow Pomade by Anastasia Beverly Hills & Myth lipstick by M•A•C Cosmetics.

What’s your favorite drugstore brand?

I buy liquid lipsticks & highlighters the most. I’m obsessed with them!

What type of beauty product do you buy the most of (mascaras, concealers, lipsticks etc)?

My favorite drugstore brand would have to be N.Y.X. Their products are really affordable yet have great quality.

What is the most common makeup faux pas that you see?

I guess a faux pas that I see happen often is when I only see one type of contour & highlight happening for every face shape. In reality, everyone’s faces are different & sometimes that same contour/highlight technique doesn’t work for everyone.

Do you have a “beauty budget” or do you spend freely?

I tend to just spend freely. Of course, after my bills & important things are taken care of.

What’s your favorite lipstick?

My favorite lipstick is Myth lipstick by M•A•C Cosmetics. It’s a pretty peachy nude ♥.

Describe your everyday makeup look.

My everyday makeup look would be primer, foundation, two neutral colors on my eyes (normally its Saddle & Rule by M•A•C), Gingerly Blush, Soft & Gentle highlighter, Boldly Bare lip liner, Myth lipstick, Boot Black liner, & Zoom lash mascara.

What’s your favorite mascara?

Favorite mascara is Loreal’s Voluminous Lash.

Is there any celebrity that you get your makeup inspiration from & why that celebrity?

No, I just kind of do my own thing. Lol.

Do you have some favorite beauty gurus? If so, who?

I LOVE Shannxo. She’s amazing!!

If you could leave the house with only ONE makeup product, which would it be?

Dipbrow pomade!

Are there any brands that you try to avoid?

I’m picky when it comes to choosing to venture off to different makeup brands. I’m pretty open to a lot of things, but I just do tons research before hand.

Do you usually “haul” or buy items here & there?

I do a little bit of both actually 🙂

What’s your favorite skincare brand?

My favorite skincare brand ever will have to be M•A•C Cosmetics Lightful C skincare line.

What is one beauty tool/brush that you’d recommend to anyone?

I definitely recommend a fluffy blending brush. It’s a multi-use tool. ♥

What is one beauty product that you’d recommend to ANYONE & why?

I definitely recommend Lightful C Serum. It tones & brightens the skin!!

If you had to give up one makeup item for the rest of your life, which would it be?

I would give up black pencil liner. I never was a fan of black liner in my waterline.

Where do you see your makeup career in 5 years?

I see myself expanding my clientele & also moving up within my company ♥

Share a beauty tip/trick/hack.. whatever you’d like to call it. Lol

My advice to all those is to just keep going! Never give up because you think you’re not good enough for this industry! We all started someplace!

What’s the best way for future clients to reach you?

You can reach me on Instagram @jeeyonceslay & my email at




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