Best & Worst Dressed: American Music Awards 2015

Hey, dolls! I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Fortunately, award season is right after the holidays! So stay tuned for more of these. Let’s just get right to it, shall we?

Best Dressed


Ciara (via

This outfit reminds me of her look at the VMAs, but obviously it’s different. Similar or not, she killed it!


Hailee Steinfeld (via

YAS! Hailee is serving legs for days! She definitely knew how to dress for her body on that red carpet. SLAY.


Demi Lovato (via

Demi slayed with this vintage, 20’s themed ensemble. From head to toe, she’s a vintage goddess.


Gigi Hadid (via

If anyone knows fashion, it’s Gigi Hadid. I don’t think a lot of people can pull this off like she can and make it red carpet worthy.

Worst Dressed


Gwen Stefani (via

Gwen’s performance was great, but her outfit… not so much. It’s just…AWKWARD! It doesn’t suit her.


Kylie Jenner (via

I’m not saying this look is ugly, but she can do better. Kylie Jenner usually slays the red carpet or falls in between. Last night, she fell short. Leather and chains? Come on, Kylie.


Selena Gomez (via

The open back of the dress is sexy, but the front can be better. I feel like this dress if better suited for someone taller because it kinda makes her look short. She also could’ve done better. Her performance was good, though :).


Jenny McCarthy (via

This is just too much. The boots throw everything off. The dress wouldn’t have been that bad if those boots were out the equation. She definitely needs a bit more glam and structure in this look.




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