Binge-Worthy Shows on Netflix


It’s Saturday! So, I figured why not talk about Netflix? Watching show and movies on Netflix is basically one of the most popular activities in America. That may sound depressing, but you were brought up on TV and movies you’ll understand. Besides, I’m not against a good Netflix binge once in a while. Sometimes all you need is a good show. So, here are the shows that I think are most binge-worthy on Netflix…


Everybody and their momma has been watching Grey’s Anatomy! I never had any interest in watching it until I saw a Buzzfeed post about it a few months ago. What also draw me to it was that it gave me nostalgia of when I was little and my mother would watch E.R. with George Clooney, haha. I started watching it from the first season in October and I am officially caught up. Yes, I watched 12 season in a little over a month! It is THAT good.


I am all about shows from the 80’s and 90’s! I’m a 90’s kid, so anything that was on TV during those years – I LOVE. Therefore, I had to include It’s A Different World. If you were a fan of any show in the 90’s, you’ll love this show! I mean how can you not love Whitley?!


I will be totally honest….I was never in love with this show. I know it’s super shocking because so many people seem to worship it! However, I do think it’s entertaining and plenty of people will enjoy binging on it.


Charmed was another show that I enjoyed throughout my younger years. If you’re into anything supernatural, this show is for you!


You guys know I had to add Orange Is The New Black! I don’t care if that last season wasn’t as great as the other 2, this show is great! I finished the first 2 season in 2 weeks. Enough said.


This show literally takes over all my social media news feeds AND my parents watch it religiously. That is the only reason it is on this list, haha. I have never watched it, but clearly there is a reason why it’s so popular!



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