Fall to Winter Handbag Essentials

Hey, babes! I know the weather has been pretty erratic this fall season. I live in NYC and the weather has been going from 56 degrees to 76 degrees – it’s pretty damn annoying. I like a cool fall. Not this spring weather in November. It’s just plain ridiculous, but I digress. Everyone has purse necessities, but they do tend to change depending on the situation and season. I would hope that if you live in a place that snows, you wouldn’t be taking sunblock with you on a daily basis in your bag during the winter. So, I wanted to share with you guys what I personally think are must haves for your purse this fall and winter.

  • Lip Balm Lips obviously tend to get more dry during the winter, for obvious reasons. Chapped lips are not cute at all! So be sure to pack some lip balm.
  • Kleenex The cooler months are when nosebleeds, colds, flu, viruses, etc are rampant. So, keep those germs AND blood to yourself with some tissues!
  • Hand Sanitizer While we are on the subject of germs, hand sanitizer is the best way to keep you from catching and spreading germs.
  • Umbrella As I’ve said, the weather is freaking unpredictable. You obviously don’t want to be caught in an unexpected storm. So, you always need to have an umbrella. ALWAYS.
  • Lotion Once again, skin can get more dry due to the weather change. So, always bring some lotion to keep that skin soft.
  • Hairbrush/Comb Wind is my enemy. I always carry a small brush to get my hair together when the weather wants to try me.
  • Lint Roller When you wear dark colors, lint and hair tends to just stick to you! I have to wear black for work and it seems that once I leave my house, my outfit is covered in lint. A mini lint roller is perfect and convenient for those situations!



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