Fall to Winter Nail Colors

Hey, people! I feel like nail care often gets lost in the mix when it comes to beauty. The first thing people usually think of is makeup when they think beauty. Let’s just keep it real. However, I wanted to shine some light on nails today. Since winter is around the corner, I wanted to share my favorite nail colors for the transition of fall to winter. Some of these colors, I find more fall appropriate. Most of them I find more winter appropriate. So, let’s just get to it…

Top Row

  • Duri’s Paparazzi This is a gorgeous deep emerald color with a metallic finish. I wear this more during the holiday season than anything.
  • Essie’s Wrapped in Rubies This is another holy grail for the holidays. This color is just a super rich, metallic, golden burgungy color. It definitely is a great color for fall, as well.
  • Duri’s Blueberry Daquiri I have a thing for navy. I often wear this more during the fall season, but it’s definitely versatile.
  • Essie’s Penny Talk This color is one of my winter favorites. I wear this during Christmas or New Years the most. It’s like a  golden, metallic copper color. It’s just plain stunning!
  • Duri’s Night Before Christmas The name basically says it all. It’s golden burgundy glitter in a tube. It’s super opaque. If you’re all about the glitter and sparkle, this one is definitely for you.
  • Duri’s Murky Answer This deep, warm purple shade is great for fall. I absolutely love it and it’s actually the polish I have on right now, haha.
  • Duri’s Angel Dust This is another warm, silver, sparkly shade. However, it’s not as bold as “Night Before Christmas”.
  • Duri’s Black Caviar Black nail polish is a staple for me during the winter. I wear black nail polish basically all January long.
  • Duri’s Moulin Rouge This deep oxblood shade is great for fall and winter. I wear it mostly in Novemeber and then I go back to it in February.
  • Duri’s Tabloid Rumors This is a gorgeous metallic silver that is also a pefect option for the Christmas and New Year’s season.

What are some of your nail polish staples for this season?



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