10 Singers Who Can’t Actually Sing

“It’s like karaoke for pretty girls.” – Lady Gaga

Before I even get into this, I want to thoroughly explain what I mean when I say “singers who can’t sing”. I am not saying that these people necessarily sing badly. These people can definitely hold a tune. What I am saying is that opposed to being amazing, iconic singers, they’re great entertainers. They may be able to hold a tune, but their success is due more to their entertainment factor, style, looks, personality, etc. I am in no way trolling or trying to provoke an online brawl. Each of these celebrities have songs that I’m pretty fond. So, once again, I am not saying that I hate these celebrities or that they lack talent. I’m just saying singing isn’t one of them. Also, I’m not a vocal coach or a professional singer myself, but I do have ears lol. The best way you can tell if someone has vocal talent is by listening to them live or a cappella. Listening to a track is deceitful because we all know autotune exists. It’s like photoshop for the voice. To me, a real singer is someone who can vocally execute seamlessly 95% of the time. They hit those notes flawlessly whether it’s live, a cappella, in the studio, etc. You can agree and you disagree, but I’m sure a good amount of you will agree. The list can go on and on, but these are people who I think of immediately. Let’s jump in, shall we?

Jennifer Lopez (via fuckyeahjenniferlopez.tumblr.com)

I will be the first to say that I love Jennifer Lopez. The woman can dance, her movies are good, and her songs are catchy. However, her voice isn’t spectacular. She can hold a tune and the songs are fun, but she doesn’t sing with power and provoke emotion. I feel like I can find someone just as good vocally on the street, but they probably won’t be as marketable as her. She’s said plenty of times that the only reason she got into singing was because she was inspired by Selena. I think that’s heartwarming and great to know that playing the role of Selena touched her so much, but I just think she’s better off in movies and dancing. She still fierce, though!

Rihanna (via rihannainfinity.tumblr.com)

I LOVE ME SOME BAD GAL RIRI! I love her probably more than I love J.lo. Rihanna can hit some notes here and there. Her voice is better than J.Lo’s, but not quite iconic. However, I still consider her an icon for other reasons. This woman is BADASS. I mean just look at her. From her makeup to her style to her attitude – it’s just raw. Her music is honest and it sometimes does provoke something in you. She doesn’t pretend to be something she’s not. Plus, she can rock the sh** out of a concert! She knows how to entertain. That is for certain.

Katy Perry (via iheartkatyperry.tumblr.com)

Once again, Katy Perry is a prime example of someone who can keep a tune but their voice isn’t out of this world. However, she is marketable because she’s unique, upbeat, and fun. Her songs are catchy too. I literally listened to “ET” about 80x in one day when it came out haha.

Lana Del Rey (via lanafan.tumblr.com)

I will always love Lana Del Rey, mainly because of her style. I love anything vintage and retro. I enjoy her voice everywhere except live. I hate to say this, but her live performances are mediocre. Sometimes they’re just plain bad. I won’t lie, though, there are a few live performances that she wasn’t too shabby in. Otherwise, it’s not very good. She’s even owned up to it and said that she’s better in the studio and people should know not to expect much from her performances. However, I’m still going to listen to her music. As long as it’s not live.

Selena Gomez (via selenadaily.tumblr.com)

Let me just say that I have a theory that anyone who starts off on the Disney channel is bound to have a short lived or an average singing career. Some examples of this are Lindsay Lohan. Hilary Duff, and Ashley Tisdale. The exception is Miley Cyrus because while she has gone off the rails image wise, she can actually sing pretty damn well. Nick Jonas is also an exception. Also, that theory doesn’t include the Mickey Mouse Club because they’ve clearly produced icons like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Christina Aguilera. Then again, Britney Spears isn’t as good as she used to be. Anyway, I digress. Selena Gomez is relatable to a bunch of youths out there. She can hold a tune. She’s cute. Her music is catchy. However, there’s no “wow” factor vocally.

Taylor Swift (via ohsoswiftly.com)

Taylor Swift has convinced people that she has some serious vocal talent. She doesn’t. She doesn’t sing awful and yes she can hit a high note once here and there. However, there is nothing intense and amazing about her voice. Like everyone else I’m mentioning in this post, she is super marketable.

Janet Jackson (jacksonsource.tumblr.com)

Janet Jackson was inevitably going to be well known because she’s MJ’s little sister. However, her voice isn’t spectacular. Her performances are sub-par. I do enjoy her music in the 90s, but now I don’t feel any type of oompf!

Ciara (via fuckyeahcici.tumblr.com)

CiCi got some nice style and dance moves, but her voice is mediocre. Her songs make you want to move, but that’s just because they’re catchy. Plus. she’s obviously attractive.



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