Hit or Miss: HASK Keratin Smoothing Hair Care Collection

Hey, dolls! So, I recently joined Brand Backer which is basically a website that connects you to other brands who are looking for publicity via video or blog post. In exchange, you get free samples or sometimes money. I signed up for the HASK Keratin Line campaign and I got accepted! I received the whole collection complimentary, but all these opinions are my own as always! So, let’s jump in…

The HASK Keratin Smoothing Hair Care Collection is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, gluten, drying alcohol and artificial colors. I’m very specific about using sulfate free products on my hair because sulfate basically strips your hair of everything good. The collection is also meant to soften and renew.  The description reads, “Keratin Protein is the stuff your hair, skin and nails are made of— no wonder it’s so powerful and restorative for your hair. Keratin revives, restores, calms and strengthens parched, frizzy locks—wiping out the effects of heat, humidity and over-styling (basically helping your hair look and feel its best).”

I’ve always wanted to use a keratin based product on my hair because keratin is a protein used to strengthen your hair. My hair has been pretty damn weak and dry lately and I needed some type of remedy for it. This was the perfect opportunity to try something to fix it! The collection includes a shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, and a smoothing shine treatment. My normal routine is to wash and condition, blow-dry, and then flat iron. The reason I take the extra step to flat iron my hair after blow-drying is because if I leave it alone after blow-drying it is FRIZZ CENTRAL. It’s puffy, frizzy, and even sometimes dry. I always have to take that extra step unless I’m doing my hair professionally.

I tried all the products together, one after the other and I was left AMAZED. First off, it definitely took less time to blow dry my hair once I was out the shower. Second, my hair was super soft and not frizzy at all. Third, I DIDN’T EVEN HAVE TO FLAT IRON MY HAIR! Yes, I completely skipped the flat iron step! I couldn’t even believe it. After blow-drying, my hair was straight, voluminous, soft, and luscious. I couldn’t ask for more! The whole system made my hair feel undoubtedly more healthy. The deep conditioner was the secret to why my hair was so easy and fast to blow-dry. The smoothing shine treatment gave my hair incredible shine and allowed my hair to stay fabulous longer. I haven’t found a product that makes my hair feel this good since the L’oreal Total Repair 5 Hair System. To be honest, I much prefer this system! I’ve never used anything like and have seen results so quickly.

This HIT is definitely a must have. I recommend this to anyone who has dry, damaged, over-processed, frizzy hair. To learn more about the system and what it can do for your hair check it out here.

*This is a sponsored post*




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