All About Handbags

Hey, my dears! Handbags are probably a woman’s most important accessory. Like where else are you gonna put all your stuff? In your pockets? I highly doubt it unless you’re going to the corner store. Handbags are essential! There are plenty of different types to choose from, but there are definitely a few must-haves. I’m going to share a few handbag staples as well as my favorite places to shop for bags.

Handbag Staples
  • Tote A tote is basically a large shoulder bag that fits a bunch of stuff in it. You can use it for weekend travel and for just the average day. An example is the burgundy bag in the photo.
  • Cross Body To me, the main purpose of a crossbody is to be convenient. They range from big and small. I usually use these when I’m going out drinking or clubbing because I’m not trying to worry about my bag all night. I know I always have it on me because strapped on to my body comfortably. An example of a crossbody is the small black bag. I usually like my crossbody bags to be small.
  • Structured This is your basic purse. You usually can’t fit it on your shoulder because of the straps length. You can rest it on the inside of your elbow, though. They’re similar to the navy striped one pictured. They’re also not as spacious as a tote.
  • Clutches/Wristlets I didn’t include photos of these, but they’re small and fit the basics like your wallet and makeup. I stick to these on formal occasions.

I’m not a luxury handbag type of person. I rarely every buy designer handbags because I like my handbags fairly simple. If I’m gonna drop a bunch of money on something, it definitely wouldn’t be a purse. My go-to places for handbags are…




Banana Republic

Forever 21

All these stores offer affordable, good quality, and stylish handbags 🙂



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