Last Minute Halloween Looks

 Hey, people! Halloween is literally just around the corner and I’m sure plenty of you haven’t decided what the hell you’re gonna do or even if you’re gonna be doing anything, for that matter. Luckily, I have a few, super easy, last minute Halloween looks to share with you! For these, you won’t necessarily need a costume unless you want to go all out. So, let’s get started!

Runaway Bride (via

This look is super easy. All you need is simple bridal makeup, a white outfit, sneakers, and a veil or bouquet. There are tons of bridal makeup looks on Youtube and I’m sure everyone has a pair of sneakers at home. A white outfit and veil/bouquet shouldn’t be hard to find, either. It’s not like you’re going to a real wedding! You can wear sweats and a veil to make it really look casual, too haha. Like a bride running away, before she even gets in her dress.

80’s girl (via

For this look, just think bright, colorful, and bold. Tease that hair like a mofo. Use all the bright, colorful colors in your makeup collection. Layer on the accessories and wear a bright outfit. Leggings, legwarmers, slouchy tops, and spandex are all great options!

Skeleton (via Pinterest)

For this look, the costume is irrelevant. Wearing all black will suffice. The makeup takes over this look. All you need is white, gray, and black face paint and a few makeup brushes for detail work. The makeup process will take a little bit of time but nothing insane!

Cat (via Pinterest)

A costume for this is optional. This look would be fine with just the makeup and cat ears. For costume options, you can wear all black and buy a tail or just wear a leotard.

Wednesday Addams (via Pinterest)

For this look, the costume is a bit more important but you don’t need to follow it to the T. I would suggest a collared shirt with a black dress over it or a black dress alone will suffice. You definitely need to do Wednesday’s signature braids. You will also need to make that face super pale and the eyes a bit sunken. Check out some makeup tutorials on Youtube.

Doll (via Pinterest)

This makeup look is pretty easy. To make it more realistic, there are a few tutorials on Youtube to make yourself look like a cracked doll. For the outfit, I’d just wear a dainty dress.

Vampire (via Pinterest)

A vampire look may seem like it needs more effort, but all you NEED is dark makeup and fangs. Blood is optional because once you have fangs, it’s pretty much self-explanatory. I recommend Carli Bybel’s and Desi Perkins’s vampire makeup tutorials on Youtube. Also, with all these modern day vampire tv shows, the outfit is irrelevant. You can feel free to wear regular clothes haha. It’s all about the makeup here.

Zombie (via Pinterest)

For the outfit, just wear ripped, dirty clothes. The makeup look is fairly simple. However, if you want to add wounds you’re gonna need fake blood and oatmeal or tissue paper. Check out some tutorials on Youtube.



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