Fall Shoe Necessities

Every fall, there are 2 things I love to buy the most: sweaters and shoes. Fall is when I add the most shoes to my collection. Unlike summer, where you can usually wear sandals all year round, fall is more versatile. There is more room to change your footwear without drowning your feet in sweat. So, I decided to share with you the 4 types of shoes that I think every person needs in their fall closet.

Moccasins are hella comfortable! This is all I wear around the house and when I’m doing simple things, like taking a walk or going to the store. Plus, they’re warm because of the fur in them. These are great for a chilly, relaxing day. However, don’t use these in wet weather conditions – you’ll ruin them for sure.

I spend most of the fall season in combat boots. They are one of the most comfortable and resistant shoes out there. Plus, they come in plenty of different styles. Combat boots can go with pretty much any outfit if you do it just right. I wear these in snow, rain, sleet, wind, hail, etc. They’re like my “old faithful’s” haha.

I’m not much of a sneaker girl, but I do love Converse. They’re super comfortable and come in sooooo many styles. If you’re not someone who likes moccasins, then I’d definitely purchase a pair of Chucks or 2.

There are gonna be plenty of days where you wanna just serve some fall fierceness and you’re gonna need some heeled boots to do so. Heeled boots can basically transform your outfit from casual to fab in a second. Who wants to wear combat boots, sneakers, and moccasins all fall long? Not I. I gotta let my inner diva out sometime. Besides, you really can never have too many boots.

What are your fall shoe staples?




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