50 Classic Must-See Halloween Movies

Hey, babies! Every year, ABC Family’s “13 Nights of Halloween” starts on my birthday aka yesterday haha. I look forward to it every year. As an adult, I’m more excited for that to come than my birthday, as weird as that may seem. I just love Halloween movies! So, I thought why not share the top 50 movies that I love to watch during this ghoulish season! This post is for everyone. The first 25 will be movies that are child-friendly. The next 25 are more in the teen/adult area. Let’s do this!


  1. Hocus Pocus
  2. Casper
  3. Halloweentown
  4. Edward Scissorhands
  5. Coraline
  6. A Nightmare Before Christmas
  7. The Witches
  8. The Addams Family
  9. Tower of Terror
  10. Frankenweenie
  11. Hotel Transylvania
  12. Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire
  13. The Little Vampire
  14. Ghostbusters
  15. Beetlejuice
  16. The Haunted Mansion
  17. Harry Potter
  18. Corpse Bride
  19. Double, Double Toil and Trouble
  20. Little Monsters
  21. Ernest Scared Stupid
  22. Don’t Look Under the Bed
  23. Monster House
  24. Underwraps
  25. Paranorman

Adult/Teen Movies

  1. Practical Magic
  2. Once Bitten 
  3. Scream 
  4. Halloween
  5. A Nightmare On Elm Street
  6. Friday the 13th
  7. Paranormal Activity
  8. Dead Silence
  9. The Sixth Sense
  10. The Others
  11. Poltergeist
  12. Chucky
  13. The Ring
  14. Carrie
  15. The Shining
  16. The Omen
  17. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  18. The Amityville Horror
  19. Sleepy Hollow
  20. The Blair Witch Project
  21. Interview with a Vampire
  22. Insidious
  23. The Craft
  24. The Exorcist
  25. House on Haunted Hill

What other ones do you recommend?




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