Reality TV Guilty Pleasures

Hey, lovelies! A few weeks ago, I shared with you guys my all-time favorite TV shows of the fall season. This post isn’t going to be fall themed, but just me sharing with you reality TV shows that I find myself actually enjoying. No, I am not embarrassed to say that I watch reality TV haha. It’s entertaining! I watch TV for entertainment, not for life lessons or anything deep. Now, let’s get to my faves :)…


The Braxton Family Values is probably one of my all time favorites. Why? This show reminds me a lot of my family, except that we’re not famous obviously. My grandma has 5 daughters (including my mother), and the Braxton sisters remind my cousin and I about our own aunts. We even assign a Braxton to each of the 5 women in our family, because the personality’s are super similar haha! So, that’s what attracted me to the show. Besides that, I’ve always liked Toni Braxton’s music. Tamar is kicking ass music wise, too! I would recommend this show to anyone who likes a light-hearted, family reality show. It’s better than keeping up with the overrated Kardashians.


Ru Paul’s Drag Race is the most entertaining of them all! It’s more of a competition show than reality, but I just had to include it. The amount of humor and fun in this show is unbelieveable. There is never a boring episode. Every season, all of the competitors have big personalities. It’s simply just fun to watch. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself rooting for a specific queen to win!


I hate to say that I’m a fan of Rachet Mondays, but I am. I do like watching all the different LAHH seasons. However, I am a New Yorker so I’m partial to LAHHNY. Also, I find that it’s the least ratchet haha. Sorry, not sorry! LAHH ATL is the most ratchet with the most drama, by far. LAHH Hollywood is definitely the most superficial. Either way, whether one is more ratchet than the others, I enjoy all of them.


I like watching Teen Mom, in general, but when Teen Mom OG came out I immediately was excited! To be honest, I mostly just watch for Maci, haha. Maci is definitely the best out of all the girls of Teen Mom, period. I know plenty agree with me! She just has persevered through so much and still keeps it classy. I also think that Teen Mom does a better job of showing young girls the consequences of teen pregnancy long term.


If you don’t like Couples Therapy on Vh1, you’ll definitely like Marriage Boot Camp! I hate Couples Therapy because I feel like everything gets lost in the hustle and bustle of drama. Marriage Boot Camp does have it’s drama moments, but nothing as insane as Couples Therapy. If you want to actually watch a show that is actually trying to fix relationships, then I’d watch Mariage Boot Camp.


Now, I’ve always been a fan of Evelyn Lozada, even when she was a hot mess. I had a gut feeling that she’d change, which she did! To me, Livin’ Lozada is basically how she’s grown as a person and become a new and improved Evelyn. The show isn’t ratchet by any means and I know some people would assume that because of her past. However, let’s be serious. Do you think Oprah would put ratchetness on her TV network??? I highly doubt it. I would give this show a chance if you haven’t seen it. Season 1 is over, but I definitely hope the show gets picked up for Season 2.

(via eonline)

WAGS is definitely what I watch the most reality tv wise, lately. I enjoy football and all these ladies are dating or married to football players. Plus, what really gets me into the show is the STYLE. These women KNOW style! If you mix football, style,  and glam all in one, you get this show. I literally can’t stop watching. I used to really enjoy Basketball Wives, but this replaced it.

What are your reality TV guilty pleasures? I know you have some!



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