Lipsticks: Vamp Edition

Happy Hump Day, darlings! I got another lipstick post here to throw at ya since I’m sure plenty of you know that I’m a lip product junkie. Today, I want to share with you my all time favorite vampy lipsticks. I’m all about that vamp life. Dark lips are just everything to me! So, let’s get to it. It just isn’t fall if you’re not rocking a vampy lip AT LEAST ONCE A WEEK. That’s just how I roll *shrug*.

From Left to Right:

  • MAC Sin is a matte, deep dark blue red. It goes perfectly with MAC Nightmoth lip pencil.
  • NYX Transylvania is a soft matte lip cream and it’s a gorgeous deep violet shade.
  • NYX Copenhagen may look light in that photo for a reason unbeknownst to me, but it’s not that light. I assure you it’s dark. It’s not midnight dark, but it’s definitely vamp approved. If it looks too light, layer it or use a dark lip pencil. Naturally, It’s a dark rich plum color. It’s also a soft matte lip cream.
  • Revlon Black Cherry is a satin finish lipstick and the name describes it perfectly.
  • Wet n Wild Vamp It Up is just straight midnight purple and super, super vampy and gorgeous. The finish is semi-matte.
  • New York Color Mahogany is a super dark red brown color. The only issue is this lipstick smells like burnt rubber. It doesn’t bother me when I’m wearing it but when I apply it, the scent hits me slightly.
  • NARS Train Bleu is a deep aubergine color and it’s definitely matte.
  • NYX Siren also looks a bit lighter than it really is. NYX describes it as a deep violet just like NYX Transylvania but it definitely has a bit more red.

What are some of your vampy lip staples?





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