Hit or Miss: Big Sexy Hair Get Layered Thickening Hairspray

Hey, dolls! I realize that it’s been a little while since I’ve reviewed a hair product on Hit or Miss Mondays. While I was looking around my room for things I haven’t talked about yet, this spray was just on my dresser sitting pretty. I’m shocked I didn’t review this sooner, but here we go…

I got this hairspray a few months ago from my mother. She gets tons of free beauty products so she passes them along to me. I’ve heard of the Sexy Hair company, but I never bought anything because they’re kind of pricey. So, when I got it for free I was kind of excited. This spray is basically supposed to thicken and provide flexible hold. According to the company website, “Get Layered is packed with moisturizing agents that help condition and soften while allowing to layer without product build-up or leaving the hair dry. It has a buildable hold factor for great versatility. Offers a flash drying time and protection from humidity, frizz, and damaging UVA/UVB rays.”

I don’t use hairspray unless my hair is wet and curly or if my hair is curled with a curling iron. This isn’t the kind of spray I’d use on wet or damp hair so I decided to use it after I used my curling iron. I like my hair to be messy and big when it comes to using the curling iron. I like textured, messy hair. After using the curling iron, I sprayed this on my hair to give it volume and texture and it did just that. It dries super fast and the hold is great. It leaves no crunch, hardness, or residue to your hair whatsoever. Your hair remains pretty damn soft and touchable. Also, the formula is lightweight. It doesn’t feel sticky or oily. It’s just right! If you’re into the “bedhead chic” look, I’d definitely give this spray a shot. You can get it for around $12-18 depending on where you get it. Pricey? A little. However, it’s definitely worth it. Needless to say, it’s a HIT.



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