The Vampire Diaries Season 7 Premiere


So, I rarely ever do season premiere reviews on the blog unless it’s a special circumstance. Yesterday, I spoke about AHS: Hotel because Lady Gaga was in the show and that’s obviously a big deal. I’ve decided to talk about TVD’s season 7 premiere because this the first season without Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Naturally, fans are wondering how the show will continue to sustain it’s great quality without the main protagonist! Well I’m going to share with you my thoughts on how I think the season is gonna go. Be aware that their will be a few spoilers! Proceed readings at your own risk!

The casts of season 7 include Damon, Stefan, Alaric, Bonnie, Matt, Caroline, Lily and Enzo. The theme of the premiere was mainly focused on the introduction of the Heretics aka the witch/vampire hybrids. They are the new enemies in the show. So far, they seem fairly badass but I don’t think they’re as bad as Klaus…yet. We also get introduced to a lesbian Heretic couple, which is not something you see often in shows like these so that’s pretty refreshing. There are a few sub-themes like Damon and Alaric coping with the loss of their true loves and Matt is now a sheriff. Oh and let’s not forget about Caroline and Stefan’s little thing going on.

Overall, it was a steady intro to the season. Nothing absolutely insane happened to the point that you’re dying for next week to come. There is a bit of curiosity in me but nothing like severe anticpation. However, I don’t think that’s necessarily because Elena is in the mix. TVD has been running for a while so naturally the first episode needs to catch us up mentally on everything. Unlike AHS, which just dives in every season because all the season don’t have any direct link to each other. I have hope that season 7 will thrive without Elena because the Salvatore brothers keep the anticipation going. Not to mention, they’re incredibly good eye candy ;).



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